Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sanditron: Prologue

Ok be warned this is the prologue for my book I'm writing and I'm not done revising the first chapter so bear with me. :) Here's the prologue:

"We can make it," Maria panted trying to convince herself. She held tight to sterling's limp form, praying he was still alive. Several parts of Maria's body screamed in pain, but she refused to give up.
"Maria," an eerie chorus of voices hissed.
"No," She gasped trying to hurry faster.
"Maria?" Sterling moaned. Maria set him up against a tree, and he tried to get up.
"Careful!" Maria exclaimed as he stumbled.
"What happened?" Sterling asked glancing around, "Where's the team? Are you okay?" Maria took a shaky breath as tears started to form in her eyes. She turned away from sterling only to feel him wrap his arms around her. She let the tears silently fall. Movement came from behind them followed by an eerie cackle. Maria felt sterling tense and turned around to look at him.
"Please tell me I'm hearing things," Sterling begged looking into the distance.
Maria started to sob, "No. I was barely able to get you away before you passed out. I thought I had lost them." Sterling's face turned hard and cold.
"How many?"
"We can't....fight them," Maria sniffed.

Sterling looked down at her, "Why?" Figures started to come through the foliage. Sterling counted four in all.
"No," Sterling gasped.
"Yes Jackson," the first figure, a chocolate brown skin colored boy, insisted, "You have lost."
"No!" Sterling growled, "I loose when I'm dead!"
"That can be arranged," The boy grinned. Two shadows appeared, the outlines matching Sterling's and Maria's Maria slid her hand into sterling's. His had started to course with a thin orange stratus cloud like substance. The shadows and figures hissed backing away. Sterling glanced over at Maria who's eyes had glazed over.

"Maria?" he said as she dropped his hand and walked forward, "Maria no!" It was too late. the shadow engulfed Maria as she let out a scream. Her irises grew over her eyes turning them completely black. She spun around smiling at Sterling.
"NO!" Sterling exclaimed dashing into the trees. He listened for persuit, but none followed. He stumbled onto the familiar cobblestone pathway.
"So close," Sterling sighed. he looked over to the left to see the big giant door in the side of the mountain. He ran his fingers along the vines on the door. He found the small hole and pulled the silver necklace from around he neck. He pressed the small sliver 'S' into the hole, and a bright light shot out. A series of clicks sounded when the light receded. The door popped open a crack, and sterling could feel the cool breeze coming from beyond. He looked back into the trees and felt tears flow down his cheeks.
"Goodbye," He whispered and stepped through the door.
67 years later
* * * * * **

Ok well I haven't finished the first chapter yet so when I do I'll post it. :) Tell me what you think!


  1. What do you mean bear with you? you can't just leave off like that!

  2. Well till I finish the first chapter then yea. sorry. :) That's why I said bear with me cause it's hard for me to revise right now.

  3. ok fine
    P.S. that was me =)