Monday, September 17, 2012

Best friends

Closer than a friend
Always there to the end
A shining light in the dark
Leaving a special mark
Always there to wipe your tears
Helping you face all your fears
Though you can be miles apart
They will always be in your heart
Best Friends Forever. WJ

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I laid down on the auditorium steps and felt my mind fade

“Relax Jade dear,” A beautiful woman with white hair whispered touching my cheek.

“M-mom?” I questioned.

She smiled, “You need to embrace the darkness in you.”

“But,” I gasped as a scene exploded all around me.

Snow flowed down from above coating the bridge leading to the castle. My small hands pressed against the window of the carriage as I peered out into the cold. My mother placed a gentle hand on my shoulder , and I glanced over at her kind smile.

“You will be nice and on your best behavior while we visit him,” she said as the carriage pulled inside.

“yes mommy,” I replied as we came to a stop. The door opened, and the cold rushed in. I shivered peeking out then hopped down. I pulled my cloak close glancing around.

“Welcome!” A man came over smiling, and I moved behind my mother.

My mother smiled back, “thank you for inviting us.”

“Is this little Jade?” he asked crouching down to my height. I shook clinging to my mom.

She nodded, “She'll be the one taking it on after me.”

He smiled, “Very good. Come inside where it's warm.” He lead the way inside, and I looked around the dimly lit hallway.

“Jade I have somethings to discuss with our host. Why don't you go explore a bit,” she stated.

“Just stay in the castle,” The man said, “don't need wolves getting to you.” My mother nodded then followed the man into a room. The door shut behind them, and I scrambled over trying to hear. I sighed pulling away with no luck of sound. I sniffed thinking about our bright castle with the lush green scenery surrounding it, and the large window always bringing in sunlight. I ran my hand along the cold stone walking down the hall. My hand skimmed over a loose stone, and I stopped feeling it more. I looked left then right seeing no one and pressed against the stone. The wall moved aside revealing a long dark tunnel barely lite by a few torches. I walked inside following the tunnel.

“You can no tell her that!” The familiar voice of my mother's angry voice came down the tunnel. I hurried down the tunnel looking around finding a small hole in the wall. I peered through into the room spotting my mother facing the man the anger clear on her face.

“She'll find out sooner or later,” He replied.

“Then let it be better that she never knows!” she shouted. The man smiled as a hand grabbed my shoulder yanking me back from the hole. I cried out glancing at the boy that had grabbed me. His dark black hair hung long curling around his ears, and he looked at me with hard green eyes. He towered a full head taller than me, and I moved back hitting the wall.

“What are you doing here?” He growled, “this is a private hallway.”

“I-i...,” I whimpered shrinking down. He scowled grabbing me hard by the arm leading me back down the tunnel. He shoved me out shutting the tunnel as he came through.

“My father is a fool for inviting you and mother here,” the boy snarled at me.

“I-I'm s-sorry,” I stuttered shaking.

He scoffed circling me, “You're the one linked to me?”

“W-what?” I asked watching him confused.

He laughed, “You don't know do you?”

I shook my head.

“We're siblings,” He said stopping in front of me, “I'm your brother.”
“No!” I shouted, “I already has brother! And sister!”

He smirked, “Their father is not the same as ours.”

“N-no,” I whispered than wheeled around running down the hallway. The boy's laughter echoed down the hall as I came our into the bitter cold. I stumbled along past the carriage and through the gate. I cried out as the wind roared around me, and I fell to my knees. The wind blew harder seeming to come at me from all sides. I screamed trying to cover my head. A growl rang out through the air causing the wind to cease. I shook looking up my eyes connecting with the white wolf's dark blue ones. I screamed stumbling back shaking. The wolf cocked it's head sitting down. I sniffed stopping holding out a hand. The wolf moved forward slowly sniffing my hand then rubbed it's head against it.

“R-reggan,” I whispered wrapping my arms around him. An arrow whizzed through the air, and I gasped. Reggan growled his coat bristling. I glanced up at the castle wall spotting the archers lining it.

“NO!” I screamed covering Reggan.

“Stop!” A voice called out, and my mother rushed over to me. I cried into Reggan shaking as the scene disappeared.

I blinked shielding my eyes from the blinding lights above. Voices surged all around me, and I sighed. I held out my hand, and girl helped me up. I closed my eyes for a minute remembering what I had seen not letting it leave me again.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I glanced at the gushing fountains of the Ballagio watching as the water moved to the music. A cold breeze whistled through the many casinos, and I pulled my coat closer around me. I walked over to the entrance of the Ballagio late night party goers stumbling past me. I pushed through the double doors of the casino a wave of warm air engulfing me. I slipped off my coat as my heels clicked across the floor.
"Can I help you ma'am?" a man asked near the roped off section for the poker tables.
"I'd like to play," I stated flashing my ID. He nodded moving the rope aside letting me in. I looked around at the many tables picking one in the far corner. Men in tuxedos cluttered the table colorful chips piled in front of them. I smiled sitting in the only empty chair.
"Pretty little girl come to take on the men?" A buff looking man huffed from the far end of the table. I smirked keeping my eyes down as the dealer passed me my chips. I moved them close to me as the dealer dealt the card. I put my left hand around the edge of the cards as I used my right to looked the cards. A nine of clubs and a nine of hearts winked back at me, and I made sure to keep my face emotionless.
"4,000 for the pretty lady," The buff man called out. The other men groaned folding. I smiled picking up 4,000 chips and set them in front of me.
"Heads up," the dealer announced pulling in the chips then put a card down and flipped over three others. I held my breath glancing at the flop. A three of hearts, a nine of spades, and a nine of diamonds.
The man grinned, "all in lady."
"Call," I stated flipping up my nines. The whole table erupted in shock and the man cursed throwing his cards. I smiled as the dealer passed me my chips. The man scowled at me getting up leaving the table. I glanced at the dealer and she nodded handing me a ticket with my winnings on it. I slipped out of my seat following the man towards the hotel part of the building. He stopped in front of the elevators and I waited till he went in then slipped off my heels going up the stairs. I checked the levels as I went watching the elevators till I came to the 6th floor and the man walked out. I followed silently staying well behind.
"You can stop trying miss Jackson," the man stated coming to a stop. I froze as he turned around smiling.
"You know why I'm here," I replied.
"All too well," He replied holding up the purple bracelet with the all too familiar name carved into it. My hands balled into fists as I looked at it.
"Where is she?!" I shouted.
He laughed, "you'll never find her." He wheeled around dashing down the hall. I cursed sprinting after him. He slammed through some doors leading into a second stairwell and ran up them. I followed taking the steps 3 at a time. The man burst out onto the roof and the wind hit him hard. I panted coming up behind him.
"Just tell me where she is!!!" I shouted over the wind. He laughed moving over by the edge the necklace in his hand.
"You'll never know!" He shouted back releasing the bracelet. I gasped running forward towards the edge, and jumped.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

writing contest entry

It seemed as if everything was holding it's breath. Waiting for what was about to happen. The air was light and peaceful as was the grass that lay below. A quiet warm breeze rushed through bringing the sent of fresh flowers. My eyes laid close as I let the breeze kiss my face. My pale small toes wiggled in the blades of grass. The sound of heavy hoof fall crashed through the silence causing my eyes to fly open. The sky seemed to darken as my eyes fell on the horse and rider that were the color of night. I turned my back on them running across the field hardly feeling my feet touch the earth. Darkness seemed to descend all around the field as the rider rod ahead of me blocking my path. I stopped breathing heavily as the cloaked figure looked down at me.
“Are you the one they call Princess?” An eerie voice asked from under to the cloak.
“No,” I growled my hands balled into fists, “I'm the one they call queen.” A smile crept out from under the hood as the figure moved closer.
“I'll need you to come with me, Queen,” He stated.
“Never,” I snarled. Shadowy figures emerged on either side of my wrapping the hands around my arms.
“Our king would very much like to meet with you,” the cloaked figure said.
I struggled, “I'd rather die then see his face again.”
“Death is what you will be close to,” he stated as a wind whipped around us. I closed my eyes feel the field slip away.
“Very good,” a familiar voice spoke out. I opened my eyes meeting the gaze of a man sitting on a sleek black throne. His hands were clasped in front of him, his left leg draped over his right.
“The great Queen of Cytania,” He smiled, “in my custody.” I growled yanking against the hands restraining me.
“You won't be able to contain me for long,” I sneered.
A grin crossed his face, “I didn't plan on it dear. I have big plans for you.” He rose from his throne walking smoothly towards me. I tried to hide the shaking in my body as he stood in front of me our eyes meeting.
“I'm going to make you forget everything. Your whole life here,” He said, “and send you far away as I take over your kingdom.”
“No!!” I shouted trying to hit out at him. He wrapped his hand around my throat gripping it hard.
“Good bye. Queen,” He whispered before I felt my mind slip away into darkness.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I placed my hand lightly on the wall closing my eyes. My body stayed where it was but I moved through the rooms of the large building coming to a stop in the entry way. A man stood in the door way as a maid shut the door.
"Where is she?" He asked as the maid took his coat.
"Miss will be with you shortly," the maid replied, "please wait in the study." The man nodded walking into a room close by. I pulled my hand off the wall and moved down the hall to a cabinet close by. I looked around then opened the door and stepped into the dark passage way. I pulled the door shut and walked down the passage way to a ladder then climbed down coming to a dead end. I reached out causing the book shelf to open and the man looked up.
The man smiled, "hello dear." I closed the book shelf scowling at the man as I sat behind the desk.
"What do you want Mr. Smith?" I asked.
"We need your help," he stated sitting across from me.
I rolled my eyes, "you always need my help Smith."
He pulled out an envelope slidding it onto the desk, "This time it involves you." I frowned grabbing the envelope opening. pictures spilled onto the desk and I gasped looking away. Each one was a different picture of a girl with short red hair.
"She was found dead in the canal a week ago," he stated.
"And you just barely telling me this!?" I shouted throwing the pictures at him, "you know she was my friend!"
"The boss wouldn't let us," he stated, "I assume you're in?"
"Get out," I growled pointing at the door. He sighed getting up leaving the room and I looked down at the pictures sadly.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The past

I sat on my bed holding the green and purple duck tapped notebook in my lap. I smiled as I looked down at it. Within the notebook lied the story my best friend and I shared. I let my mind slip back to the first time we had met. On the side of the school as I sat watching the band. Who would have thought that from that moment we would join together to fight a great evil, discover a new world, and learn that we were stronger than we thought. I sighed. It had only been a year and a few months that we'd known each other and we had grown close.
"why don't you just hand it over Jade," I gasped gripping the book tightly scowling at the hooded figure in front of me.
"I won't give it to you," I growled, "we didn't give it to you in the past I won't give it to you now!" he growled lunging at me and I dove to the side off my bed grabbing my rod. I whirled around pointing it at the figure.
"I suggest you leave," I snarled.
"You can't protect it all week," He stated, "we will get it. sooner or later." he disappeared and I looked down and the notebook breathing hard.

Friday, July 6, 2012


I walked carefully down the rain stained pavement that weaved close by the creek. I put my hands into the pockets my my rain jacket letting out a deep sigh. Thousands of thoughts screamed in my head all begging for attention. I tried to shove them all away and ignore the pain in my chest. 
"How does it feel Jade?" A cold hard voice called out from my right. I stopped my whole body tense as I scowled at the hooded figure standing a few feet away. 
"Go away," I hissed my hands clenched into fists in my pockets. 
"Not happy with your best friend?" He asked. 
"Shut up!" I snarled.
He laughed, "we could change that you know."
"I'll fix it myself!" I growled, "I don't need your help and I won't make any deals with you!"
He smiled, "You will. Sooner or later." He turned around disappearing leaving me with my silent mind. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sanditron Prologue

People in dark clothing stood all around me. A man stood before the three holes with the caskets hovering over them.
"Sterling, Jonathan, and Maria Jackson were some of the best in our forces," The man, Joesph the new leader of the Jet society, stated. "They protected this world with their lives, and for that we are very grateful. May they rest in peace." The girl beside me hiccuped tears streaming down her face. I wrapped an arm aroudn her frail shoulders her blond curls drapping over my arm.
"The role of the Jet forces leader, that Sterling held, would have been passed to his son Jonathan," Joesph explained, "The role must be passed down to his daughter." His glance landed on me, and I let go of the girl stepping forward. Joesph pulled out a pen from his jacket holding out his hand for my left arm. I put it in his hand closing my eyes.
"Before I finish the final step of prounancing Jade Jackson, the new jet forces leader, does anyone object?" Joesph asked. A dagger whizzed between joesph and I landing in a tree close by. I glanced over at the tall figure concealed in a black cloak another dagger twirling in his hand.
"I object," A dark eerie voice stated from the figure. People all around me reached for their weapons as Joesph stepped between me and the figure.
"You are not welcome here," Joesph snarled. I could barely make out a grin under the figures hood.
"I'll leave," He stated, "but know that I will be back and you'll have to find a new Jet forces leader." Darkness surrounded him and soon he was gone.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I ran.
Never looking back.
Not listening to the voices.
Trying to clear my head.
Where was I suppose to go?
To find an escape from it all?
The life I had come by that was not what it seemed.
Haunted by the shouts and yells
Plagued by the constant requirements
It's not about them
It's about me
So just leave me alone
Because I'm being who I want to be.