Wednesday, December 21, 2011


(This story kinda came from a dream I had the other night)

I lay close to him starring down at the orange cirle branded on the black shorts I wore.
"You alright?" He asked gently stroking my hair. I let out a sigh clinging on tighter to him. You could hear the breathing of the other people in the room all sleeping in their bunks. I glanced up at the cieling as it seemed to bare down on us.
"Don't leave me," I barely whispered not sure if he heard me or not.
"I promise," He said soft. The door to the room burst open and an orange light filled the room.
"That's him!" I heard someone shout as they grabbed onto the boy.
"No!" I screamed as they pulled him away. He held onto my hand for a while till they pulled us apart. I felt tears flood to my vision and spill down my cheeks.