Thursday, April 28, 2011

Assassins (part Luke!)

I looked up at him and sighed.
"You were right," I said, "I should have never joined, but I didn't have a say in it. Boss found me almost dying on the street. What was I suppose to do?"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assassins (part God of Hunger)

I walked into the hide out following Zen and stood there not sayin a word as he delivered our message. He collected our reward and started to walk out. I stood there for a moment knowing that I could quit, but I thought other wise and turned following Zen out the door.

Assassins (part Stupidness of love! -_-*)

I nodded turning to face James.
"I have to go for a little bit," I said, "Stay here." He nodded giving me a hug, and I followed Zen out.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Assassins (part Dalek!)

I stood up looking at Zen.
"Why?" I asked, "Why didn't you kill him? You didn't have to keep him alive."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Assassins (Part Sonic screwdriver! :D)

"James?!" I gasped as I followed Zen through the hole. James stood in the room starring at me with a bright look in his eyes.
"James!" I exclaimed rushing to him
and pulling him into a hug tears falling down my face, "I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry."
"It's ok Alexandra," He said, "I found someone to take care of me." I looked up at him in surprise. "Did someone help you?"

I nodded my lip trembling, "You could say that."

Assassins (Part hehehe. >:) )

I followed him down the road wondering to myself where we were headed. I mental catalogued the rout making sure that I would be able to find the place again.

Assassins (part FROSTING! :D)

I was about to tug away from him when I noticed the faint glimmer in his eyes. I stopped looking at him as he told me to go back with him to share the reward. He hadn't killed him. He couldn't have.
"Fine," I said yanking my arm free once againg, "I'll go, but I swear I'll kill you if you do anything." I slid the small knife down my sleeve so the point barely glimmered in the sun. I wasn't afraid of him.

Assassins (part @_@)

"What?!" I hissed yanking my arm from his grasp, "Did you finish the job? If so good. It's for the better. I'm going to the boss to quit right now. You were right. I wasn't meant to do this job." I turned back in the direction of Head quarters and started walking again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assassins (part Can I kill someone?)

I felt my anger boil as he disappeared. I sighed closing my eyes and turning away walking down the street. If he was going to kill James he was going to kill him. I had left him to die. Why should it matter to me. I grumbled killing a a rock making it go into the street. I never wanted this, I thought, I hadn't been my choice. I could still see the face of the man who lead our organization when I had been little and he had saved me. Given me hope. He had turned me into a killer. This was his way of getting back at me. I walked purposefully toward the head quarters determined to quit. I would not go through with this any longer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Assassins (part I see the hooded man! haha)

"Because he's technically my brother!" I shouted after him in anger, "I only took this job to save him! I didn't expect for this to happen." I looked away taking a deep breath trying to recover my emotions. I hated it if they showed through. It was not what assassins did.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Assassins (part Space! :D)

I swiftly stepped in front of him a stern look on my face. "I won't let you kill him," I growled, "Job or no Job. Just trust me on this! We can't kill him. Please."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Assassins (part Idk)

I didn't know how to reply to Zen. I followed him as we watched James movement. I sighed trying to ease my coming headache. How could this be? How did I get myself wrapped up in this mess. "I can't do this," I stated turning away from James and Zen.


I made my way down the dark cold street. The air rushing by like ice claws trying to rack off my coat. I clenched my teeth hard together pulling the collar up on my coat. "You can't escape me," A voice hissed on the wind. "Watch me," I growled into my coat. I was suddenly pressed up against the wall held by my neck by an invisible force. "Stop trying to figure it out!" The voice exclaimed in front of me. It sounded hard and male. "I'll never stop," I stated, the pressure increasing on my neck. "I can kill you," He said. "Do it," I insisted, "You're a coward as it is not to even show you're face." I felt the pressure close hard around my throat and then disappear instantly. "I will be watching you," He hissed showing his hooded form ever so slightly before vanishing taking the bitter wind with him.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Assassins (part DIE!)

I tried to stiffle a gasp as I saw the boy run out of the house. "James?" I gasped under my breath. I hadn't seen the boy since the day I had left him abandoned in the street when I knew we might both die. I had never thought he would end up here. Of all places. Why was he there? Who wanted him dead? And Why hadn't I noticed the name before! My head swirled with thoughts, and I let out a small groans.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Assassins (part.......!)

"And they say you're the best?" I scoffed turning away from him, "As if." I made my way down the street staying alert and listening to every sound. A man in robes and silk clothing made is way down the street. "Excuse me sir, I don't know if by chance you could help me?" I asked trying to seem as normal as possible. The man looked me up and down taking on a disgusted expression. "And what do you want? I presum money or something?" He huffed. "No sir I was sent to deliver some thing a James Thorton. Do you know what he looks like or where he lives? I've having the hardest time finding him," I said playing it all our smoothly. "James Thorton? What? He's just a boy! About ya high," He motioned to his waist area, "The most hansome of blond curly hair. His family is one of the most richest in the land. You should be honored with your deliver!" He stated. "Don't worry I am sir," I replied. "Well then," He said, "The Thortons live in the estate at the far end of the street." He pointed to a far house down the stree a bit. I nodded, "Thank you sir." "My pleasure." I watched him go and then doubled my way back to Zen.

Assassins (part Sci)

I nodded trying not to really think much. The name of our next target seemed so familiar to me. So....... I shook my head not quite knowing why I knew the name. I watched Zen's facial expressions as he grumbled about finding more information on the target. I knew I'd probably be doing most of the talking. I sighed following him toward the street the target lived on.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Assassins (Part cinq)

I listened to the chief simply nodding and following my partner out. He looked back at me asking my name catching me by surprise. "Alex," I stated for the fourth time that day, "And you've never told me your's. What is it?"

Assassins (part four)

I glared at him frustrated by his arrogance. He always had to be right. I had only been with him for a few days, and I couldn't stand it. I could see now why they never gave him a partner. They would just leave before the end of the week. I shook my head following. I was determined to be the first to get him to be nice to me or at least say something nice. The streets were crowded as usual as we made our way down them. The close crowd seemed to feel comforting cover for me helping me blend in without thinking.

Assassins (Part three)

I rolled my eyes looking at him irritated. "I was taking care of the Archers if you didn't notice," I replied, "It's not my fault that they put me with you. You are the best there is." I rolled my eyes shaking my head.

Assassins (part two)

I stood on the steps of the library waiting from him to come. I could see the crowd several blocks away forming around the dead man. Had it been that easy? It felt odd to me being new to it. They had stuck me with the best the minute I had arrived. I watched him carefully trying to learn his ways.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I followed close behind catching site of the archer's shooting at the hooded figure in front of them. I sighed swiftly making my way toward them passing by them in a swift move sending them to the ground. Too easy. I thought keeping sight of my partner. I couldn't loose him in the crowd again. It was sloppy and sloppy wasn't an option when it came to the mission. It all had to be done right.