Thursday, April 14, 2011


I made my way down the dark cold street. The air rushing by like ice claws trying to rack off my coat. I clenched my teeth hard together pulling the collar up on my coat. "You can't escape me," A voice hissed on the wind. "Watch me," I growled into my coat. I was suddenly pressed up against the wall held by my neck by an invisible force. "Stop trying to figure it out!" The voice exclaimed in front of me. It sounded hard and male. "I'll never stop," I stated, the pressure increasing on my neck. "I can kill you," He said. "Do it," I insisted, "You're a coward as it is not to even show you're face." I felt the pressure close hard around my throat and then disappear instantly. "I will be watching you," He hissed showing his hooded form ever so slightly before vanishing taking the bitter wind with him.

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