Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the run (homeless part 2)

I crouched in the dark shadows feeling his warm breath on the back of my neck. The cop car pulled by the ally way, and we waited till it was gone.

"We can't keep doing this Jacq," Xander whispered into my ear. He had kept the dark jeans from Jane and Mike, but had snagged a dark t-shirt and gray jacket.

"What do you want to do Xander? Go back with them?" I asked.

He sighed, "No."

"Come on then." I peered around the corner checking to make sure there were no patrol cars. We made our way into the crowded streets merging with the other people. I took a glanced behind us and cursed under my breath.

"Snatchers," Xander said as we started to pick up the pace. We weaved in and out of people making sure not to leave a gap for them to follow. I looked over my shoulder with no sign of the Snatchers.

"Xander..." I trailed off slipping my hand into his.

"I know," He replied giving my hand a reassuring squeeze. We came to a stop at a crossing walk were a group of people were gathered.

"I have a bad feeling," Xander whispered as the light to walk turned.

"Xand.." Someone grabbed me hard from behind by my mouth with a cloth. The smell of chloroform filled my nose and everything started to fade to black.

"Jacq!" I heard Xander shout from the distance.

"No," I mumbled hitting out weakly against the person holding me. I heard him laugh as I slipped into unconsciousness.

* * * * *

I felt Jacq's hand slip from mine and whirled around as something hit me hard in the stomach. I gasped doubling over for breath.

"You stupid, pathetic boy," The man stood over me wearing a long black trench coat and dark shades. You could see his golden tooth when he smiled. I looked past hm seeing his partner dragging Jacq's unconscious body toward a waiting car.

"Your the stupid and pathetic one," I spit back at him, "didn't they tell you who you were messing with when he took this job?" The man looked at me puzzled, and I took the chance. I swung my feet out hitting him in the back of the knees. He fell forward, and I thrusted my hand down on his neck. He collapsed to the sidewalk unconscious. I took off running down the street toward the car as it started to pull away.

"I won't loose her," I panted under my breath gaining speed. I leaped out barely grabbing the side of the car as it speed into traffic. I heard the frantic shouting from inside as the window was rolled down.

"Let go of the car boy," A man with a dead Scottish accent said holding a gun to my chest. I could see Jacq laid across the back seat.

"Let the girl go first," I demanded hoping I wasn't making a big mistake.

The man laughed, "She's the main one the Mr. and Mrs. want you think I'm going to just give her up? No way." I heard the sound of the gun go off, and someone scream from inside the car. Shearing pain ran through my stomach as I lost grip of the car and fell to the dark asphalt.

* * * * * *

Monday, December 27, 2010

Homeless or so I thought ( Homeless part 1)

I dashed around the corner into the dark, dead end alleyway. My feet pounded hard on the concrete, and my breath came out in heavy pants.

"Stop her!" A bulky man shouted behind me, "She has nowhere to go!" I smiled to myself as I picked up speed and used my momentum to propel myself up the wall. I swung myself onto the roof with a grunt. I starred back over the edge at the angry faces of the police.

"You can't run forever!" The chief police shouted.

I laughed, "Watch me!" I spun around hitting into something hard. I fell on my butt hanging over the edge of the roof a bit. I cursed as a rough hand yanked me to my feet. I started to fight against the person holding onto me, but couldn't find any contact.

"Resisting is useless," A deep voice said. I looked up at a bald man with a scar running down his left eye.

"Let. Me Go!" I hissed tugging against his iron grip.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that," He replied, "I've been instructed by my clients to bring you to their suite. Why they want a filthy child like you is beyond me." He looked me up and down with disgust. My dark brown hair was pulled into a long braid running down my back. I wore a dusty black tank top and cargo shorts. I had barely snagged a new pair of sneakers. The man wheeled me around binding my hands behind me. He lead me through a door on the roof, down some stairs, and out the entrance doors where a limo with blacked out windows waited.

"Get in," The man commanded as he opened the door. I had never been inside a limo before. I understood why now. The smell of new leather mad me gag, and the music coming from the speakers gave me a headache. The bald man noticed my uneasiness and turned off the music and rolled the window down a bit. I still didn't like him. It was only a few blocks till we parked in front of the only rich hotel in the city. Only ten levels and two hundred rooms. I had snagged a few bucks around here from some stupid rich people.

The man yanked me from the car and up the steps of the hotel. The doorman looked at us curiously and opened the door for us. A giant chandelier hung in the entry way, and I wondered how much one of the crystals on it would pay. Adults in fine clothing sat in private lounges being served by butlers. We boarded the elevator that was made of completely of glass looking out over the city. The elevator rose to the top level where only on door was. The imperial suite. A butler opened the door before the bald man could knock.

"Ah! Solomon! Back so soon?" He said with a weird accent.

"I have the girl don't I George?" Solomon insisted, "Where's Jane?"

"In her study. Where else?" Solomon shoved past him dragging me along. The entry way opened into a hallway leading into a living room that opened up onto a wide balcony. We stopped in front of a door off to our right. Solomon knocked on the door.

"Enter," An elegant voice replied.

"Behave," Solomon hissed in my ear, and I glared at him. He opened the door to a small study with an oak desk in the middle, filing cabinets in one corner, and a shelf with some books in the other corner. A lady with glossy black curled hair sad behind the desk. She wore a plain read shirt showing off her model figure. She starred up at us over a pair of black glasses that she some how made look good. Something about her made me have a sudden distaste toward her.

"You found her!" She exclaimed jumping up from the desk. She walked over to look me over. She was at least an inch or two taller than me, but not by much. She wore black slacks, and a pair of heels I would never wear.

"Hello my dear," The woman said, "I'm Jane Chase, Your new mother." I raised an eyebrow looking her up and down.

I scoffed, "Since when? If you haven't noticed I'm not an orphan." The lie was smooth, but I couldn't tell if she bought it. She gave a small smile shaking her head. She didn't buy it.

"Oh my dear child I saw you on the street. You stole my bracelet," She said.

"I don't steal from anyone lady," I hissed.

"Then where did you get those sneakers?" She pointed down to the black and blue Nike shoes I wore. Not even dirty yet. I clenched my teeth hard together glaring up at her.

"Your my daughter now," She said, "Try and run away, and I'll find you again. Show her to her room Solomon." Solomon grabbed my arm, but I tugged away.

"I hate you," I spit at Jane.

She grinned, "You'll learn to love me over time." I let Solomon guide me out of the study and down the main hall. We took a right down a small hall with only a door on the left and in front. Solomon opened the door to the right and untied my hands.

"Feel free to do what you want. Just remember what Mrs. Chase said," He said. I rolled my eyes as he closed the door. The room was bigger than the places I would find to hide in during the day. A big canopy bed took the main part of the room. It had black curtains around it and deep red bedding. The floor was a light wood. A tall wardrobe was off to my right and I walked over to it. Inside was a platinum screen tv with a cable box and xbox. I closed the doors and looked back into the room. The wall across from the door was all window bringing light into the room. A pair of double doors was off to the left of it. I walked over and opened them revealing a walk in closet. Dresses and frilly clothes lined the racks, and I couldn't help but gag. I closed the doors knowing I would not be stepping back in there for a while. Another door lead into a bathroom with a walk in shower, bath tub, and a vanity sink area.

"Wonderful," I said out loud, "Rich people."

"So your the new girl," A voice said from the doorway. I turned to see a boy with dark black hair wearing dark jeans and a flannal shirt. His bright green eyes seemed to stand out from the rest of him.

"And who wants to know?" I questioned crossing my arms over my chest.

"The names Xander, you are?"

"Jacq, short for Jacqueline, but call me that and I'll kill you."

He laughed, "You better get changed. We have to met 'Father'." He exaderated the title with air quotes.

"Well I don't give a crap," I replied, "He'll have to deal with how I look."

Xander shrugged, "Suit yourself. Come on then." I sighed following him out of the room. We made our way down to the lobby of the hotel where Xander greeted several adults as we entered the resturant.

"You're quite popular around here," I noted.

"It's not me that's the popular one it's our parents," He remarked. He lead the way to a private room where Jane sat with a man with nicely combed brown hair and wearing an outfit similar to Xander's.

"Here they are now," Jane announced grinning up at us. I glowered at her as we slipped into the seats across from them.

"You were right about her dear," the man said smiling at me, "She's beautiful."

"The opposite is to say about you," I retored.

"Be careful Mike, she's got a wild tongue," Jane warned.

He laughed, "Matches her beauty." I groaned throwing my feet up onto the table. Xander's eyes widened as "my parents" gasped.

"Do you have any manners?!" Jane exclaimed.

"Do you have a heart?" I retorted. I watched as Xander tried to hide the smile creeping onto his face.

"Well," Mike said, " We're going to have to do something about your attitude."

"Why don't you look in the mirror? I think you missed something in your last plastic surgery. How about that for a change." I saw the muscles in his arm tense and doged his hand as it rammed into the wall. He let out a gasp of pain and grasped his hand close to his body.

"I've lived on the streets all my life idiot," I growled, "I don't need you and your petty wife to help me out. I'm leaving now." I jumped over the table landing in a crouch next to the door. I turned looking at Xander.

"Your welcome to come," I said. He took one looked at Mike and Jane and followed me out the door.

* * * * *

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well I got a laptop for Christmas, and I'm bored so I bring to you a random story! Yay!

I sat in the jail cell on the bench my knees pulled close to me. I sighed rubbing my hand over my hair that was pulled back into the long braid reaching down my back. My clothes were crusted in dried blood and dirt causing images to flash before my eyes. The door to the room clicked open and a boy with jet black hair and dark eyes walked in.

"Well well well, Looks like we finally caught the little brat," He mocked standing in front of me, "Anything you have to say for yourself?"

I glared up at him with hatred, "Go crawl back into the hole you came out of Lucas."

He laughed, "Oh come now. I thought you'd be happy to see me again."

"You of all people I would love to see," I replied, "dead."

He frowned getting close to my face, "I wouldn't be mean If I was you Xandra. You're not the only one we caught." My eyes widened as he stepped away from me and walked out the door.

* * * * * *

Ok not that long, but I was bored.... well for a bit. :) Tell me what you think!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stormy day

I wrote this when I was bored at my great grandma's. Please tell me what you think. :)

The rain poured down heavily on the window outside. The small house was filled with silence as I sat in the living room on the laptop. No internet connection so I was left with finishing up some reports for the society. The woman in the other room is one I don’t know well. She is said to be the mother to my grandmother on my father’s side. My memories of her are vivid and detailed. Her kindness when our parents passed away.

“Jade,” I heard her soft voice call from the other room. I sighed setting down the computer and going into the other room.

“Yes?” I said standing in the door way leading into her room.

“Come here child,” I walk over to the side of the bed where she is propped up on some pillows, “I know you don’t want to be here. I don’t blame you, but I want you to know that I know about the Jet society. I know that you would rather be out fighting off some creature then sitting here taking care of an old lady.”

“No it’s…”

“Do not say it is fine,” She commanded letting out a horrible cough, “I knew your great grandfather. He and I were supposed to be married.”

“What?” I gasped.

“Didn’t know that did you?” She laughed, “Yes, but he married that other girl Maria and when she died he ended up taking my hand for the sake of the child she had barely had. You grandmother was a beautiful child, but had the same intentions as her parents. She fell in love with young man and ended up giving birth to your father. Bad luck runs in your bloodline. Everyone always dying.” She coughed, and I looked at her worried.

“You, dear girl, are much different then them. You still have that spirit in you, but you have a purpose. There is a great war coming. You will be faced with great challenges. You will lose many friends, but will gain and army in the end. Don’t trust anyone not even the ones you love.” She took in one final breath and let it out her eyes loosing they’re light.

* * * * * *

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kidnapped (part 2)

My friend really wants me to do more to this so I'll see what I can pull out. Hope you like it ;)

I woke up on a cold metal ground. A jail cell I suspected. My left arm burned with pain as I tried to move it. I let out a shaking breath holding it close to my side. I compared it to my right arm and confirmed it was defiantly broken. I slowly got to my feet as best as I could a spotted a door with a small window in it. The window over looked a catwalk that hung above a deserted construction line. I reached my hand down to the door handle and twisted the knob. It moved with little ease and the door opened.

"That is not a good sign," I said out loud. I walked out onto the catwalk shutting the door behind me. My senses went on high alert to the different sounds throughout the abandoned factory. The steady drip of water from a pipe below, the howling wind outside the building, the steady swing of chains, and the soft murmur of voices in a room below. I could see the light from the small office, and shadows passing by the dust plastered window.

"What do you plan to do with her sir?" A voice asked. A figure kept pacing back a forth in front of the window.

"I plan to make her pay," I heard Ander's voice say, "I know she likes me."

"Are you sure about that sir? I mean she did say-" The voice was interrupted by a crash.

"Do not underestimate me!" Ander shouted, "You would be surprised what power I can control." I felt my eyebrows furrow with confusing, but didn't think more about it. I crept along the catwalk to the ladder leading to the bottom floor. I carefully moved down the ladder cradling my arm. I stepped onto the main level and looked around the area. The factory was around the size of a football field. I went in the opposite direction of the office light searching for a door and some kind of weapon.

"Nothing," I said cursing under my breath. I heard the door of the office open and dove underneath one of the construction lines.

"I swear I heard something," I heard Ander say. The sound of his foot steps grew closer till I could see his feet standing next to where I hid. I squeezed my eyes shut, begging he didn't see me. I felt something tug me up by my hair till I stood in front of Ander.

"You thought it would be that easy? I can hear everything!" Ander explained.

"Are you sure?" I questioned. A whoosh sound came as I snapped out my wings. I kicked Ander hard in the chest propelling myself into the air.

He scowled up at me, "Where do you have to go Jackson?"

"Up," I replied flapping my wings till I crashed through the glass cieling above.

* * * * * *

Ok so I got bored today and remembered I had written a few story ideas on here. So I finished this one. Tell me what you think!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sanditron Chapter 3: A task

The boy sat in the tall back seat starring at the lite circle in front of him. Memories flashed in front of him.
"Are you sure your up for this?" The General standing in the dark beside the boy asked.
"Do I have much of a choice?" The boy shot back. He ran a nervous hand through his pale white hair. Another horrible memory. That day was so vivid to him. The pain still there where the scar on his neck was.
"I will make her regret what she did to me," The boy insisted.
"Do you still have feelings towards her?" The General questioned. The boy pinned him to the wall by his neck closing off his air ways.
"I hate her with every bone in my body," The boy hissed in the General's ear," Don't you ever ask me that question again." He released his grip, and the General slid to the ground unconscious. The boy moved back by the chair gripping the arm rest for support. The door behind him opened.
"It's time," The messenger announced.
The boy sighed, "I'm ready."
* * * * *


Friday, December 3, 2010

Random day dream

Thought of this when bored today. Check it out.

The soft rumble of the engine cause my feet to move. The music drifted from the speakers, but it was as if I didn't hear a thing. He was driving as I starred out the window, and they laughed in the back. It all seemed distant. Memories flashed before my eyes. The fear of the place we were going. I let out a deep sigh looking up at the starry sky.
"You ok?" Alex asked. He didn't look away from the road, but I could feel his concern.
"No," I sighed, "Not really. A bit nervous."
"Has he been bothering you lately?" He questioned.
"No. But it's as if he's watching me," I replied.
"What's going on?" Ever asked from the back seat as Jack licked his hand and wiped it on her, "Oh your going to get it now!" The started a battle it seemed trying to see who could get the better lick in.
"Those two are crazy!" Alex exclaimed, "They're your best friends?"
I laughed, "Sadly." I grinned, and he smiled back. His eyes suddenly drooped, and he slumped forward over he wheel.
"ALEX!" I shouted. I gritted my teeth grabbing onto the wheel. His foot was stuck on the pedal sending out speed racing. I weaved trying to avoid other cars.
"What happened!?!" Ever shouted from the back.
"I don't know just get him out of the seat or we all die!" I barked. Jack quickly reclined the chair as Ever slid Alex's unconscious form from the seat. Flashing lights appeared behind us as I slid into the seat bringing the car to a stop on the side of the road.
"Crap," Jack huffed under his breath. The cop got out of his car coming around to the window. I didn't even bother with the window, but got out of the car.
"Can you explain to me why you were driving so fast miss?" The officer asked.
"My friend suddenly passed out in front of the wheel sir," I explained, "I don't know what happ..." I trailed off spotting the boy standing across the street. I didn't care about the officer anymore. I took off running hearing shouts from behind me. I followed him down the streets of the town till he stopped at a deserted park away from town.
"I'm going to kill you!" I exclaimed, "Are you crazy! You could have killed us!"
He laughed, "It would have been worth it!"
"I'd rather see you dead than with him."
"Why do you care!? We're not even together, let alone friends! And don't think I haven't seen you watching me! What is your problem huh? No girl good enough for you?" His jaw clenched in anger at the words I spoke.
"You don't know anything."
"Oh I don't!? I think it's the other way around Raja. You can't seem to know when to leave me be! Be lucky I don't take you out right here."
"Jade!" Ever shouted at the entrance of the park. I turned to see her running towards me followed by Jack and Alex.
"What did you do that for? We had to explain a ton to the Police," Jack said.
"Sorry I had to go after this-" I turned around to find him gone.
"Are you ok?" Ever asked.
I sighed, "I have no idea anymore."
* * * * * *

Ok not exactly how I wanted it to end, but I don't have anything else for it right now. Tell me what you think!