Friday, December 3, 2010

Random day dream

Thought of this when bored today. Check it out.

The soft rumble of the engine cause my feet to move. The music drifted from the speakers, but it was as if I didn't hear a thing. He was driving as I starred out the window, and they laughed in the back. It all seemed distant. Memories flashed before my eyes. The fear of the place we were going. I let out a deep sigh looking up at the starry sky.
"You ok?" Alex asked. He didn't look away from the road, but I could feel his concern.
"No," I sighed, "Not really. A bit nervous."
"Has he been bothering you lately?" He questioned.
"No. But it's as if he's watching me," I replied.
"What's going on?" Ever asked from the back seat as Jack licked his hand and wiped it on her, "Oh your going to get it now!" The started a battle it seemed trying to see who could get the better lick in.
"Those two are crazy!" Alex exclaimed, "They're your best friends?"
I laughed, "Sadly." I grinned, and he smiled back. His eyes suddenly drooped, and he slumped forward over he wheel.
"ALEX!" I shouted. I gritted my teeth grabbing onto the wheel. His foot was stuck on the pedal sending out speed racing. I weaved trying to avoid other cars.
"What happened!?!" Ever shouted from the back.
"I don't know just get him out of the seat or we all die!" I barked. Jack quickly reclined the chair as Ever slid Alex's unconscious form from the seat. Flashing lights appeared behind us as I slid into the seat bringing the car to a stop on the side of the road.
"Crap," Jack huffed under his breath. The cop got out of his car coming around to the window. I didn't even bother with the window, but got out of the car.
"Can you explain to me why you were driving so fast miss?" The officer asked.
"My friend suddenly passed out in front of the wheel sir," I explained, "I don't know what happ..." I trailed off spotting the boy standing across the street. I didn't care about the officer anymore. I took off running hearing shouts from behind me. I followed him down the streets of the town till he stopped at a deserted park away from town.
"I'm going to kill you!" I exclaimed, "Are you crazy! You could have killed us!"
He laughed, "It would have been worth it!"
"I'd rather see you dead than with him."
"Why do you care!? We're not even together, let alone friends! And don't think I haven't seen you watching me! What is your problem huh? No girl good enough for you?" His jaw clenched in anger at the words I spoke.
"You don't know anything."
"Oh I don't!? I think it's the other way around Raja. You can't seem to know when to leave me be! Be lucky I don't take you out right here."
"Jade!" Ever shouted at the entrance of the park. I turned to see her running towards me followed by Jack and Alex.
"What did you do that for? We had to explain a ton to the Police," Jack said.
"Sorry I had to go after this-" I turned around to find him gone.
"Are you ok?" Ever asked.
I sighed, "I have no idea anymore."
* * * * * *

Ok not exactly how I wanted it to end, but I don't have anything else for it right now. Tell me what you think!

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