Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I stood there in the middle of the road as the rain fell in hard sheets hiding my tears, but not my cries. Cars zoomed past me on either side not a single one stopping to see if I was okay. I didn't care. I liked it that way. I let my body release the frustration, anger, pain, heart ache, and sorrow I had been holding in for so many weeks.

"Jade?" A voice said softly behind me. I wheeled around facing him. He held an umbrella sheilding himself from the rain that had made me soaked hours ago.

"Go away," I sniffed uselessly wipping at my eyes.

"Jade..." He said.

"I SAID GO AWAY ALEX!" I screamed shoving him. He stumbled falling to the wet asphault. I glarred down at him fresh tears falling from my eyes.

"I didn't mean to Jade," He stated.

"Liar!" I exclaimed, "I told you this! I told you I was afraid to tell you cause I knew this would happen!" I felt my body shudder from the cold and from the fresh sobs coming from me. I feel to my knees no longer hiding them. I heard him go to reach to me but then pull back. I waited wanting him to touch me, but he didn't. I could hear him as he walked away from me leaving me.