Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I placed my hand lightly on the wall closing my eyes. My body stayed where it was but I moved through the rooms of the large building coming to a stop in the entry way. A man stood in the door way as a maid shut the door.
"Where is she?" He asked as the maid took his coat.
"Miss will be with you shortly," the maid replied, "please wait in the study." The man nodded walking into a room close by. I pulled my hand off the wall and moved down the hall to a cabinet close by. I looked around then opened the door and stepped into the dark passage way. I pulled the door shut and walked down the passage way to a ladder then climbed down coming to a dead end. I reached out causing the book shelf to open and the man looked up.
The man smiled, "hello dear." I closed the book shelf scowling at the man as I sat behind the desk.
"What do you want Mr. Smith?" I asked.
"We need your help," he stated sitting across from me.
I rolled my eyes, "you always need my help Smith."
He pulled out an envelope slidding it onto the desk, "This time it involves you." I frowned grabbing the envelope opening. pictures spilled onto the desk and I gasped looking away. Each one was a different picture of a girl with short red hair.
"She was found dead in the canal a week ago," he stated.
"And you just barely telling me this!?" I shouted throwing the pictures at him, "you know she was my friend!"
"The boss wouldn't let us," he stated, "I assume you're in?"
"Get out," I growled pointing at the door. He sighed getting up leaving the room and I looked down at the pictures sadly.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The past

I sat on my bed holding the green and purple duck tapped notebook in my lap. I smiled as I looked down at it. Within the notebook lied the story my best friend and I shared. I let my mind slip back to the first time we had met. On the side of the school as I sat watching the band. Who would have thought that from that moment we would join together to fight a great evil, discover a new world, and learn that we were stronger than we thought. I sighed. It had only been a year and a few months that we'd known each other and we had grown close.
"why don't you just hand it over Jade," I gasped gripping the book tightly scowling at the hooded figure in front of me.
"I won't give it to you," I growled, "we didn't give it to you in the past I won't give it to you now!" he growled lunging at me and I dove to the side off my bed grabbing my rod. I whirled around pointing it at the figure.
"I suggest you leave," I snarled.
"You can't protect it all week," He stated, "we will get it. sooner or later." he disappeared and I looked down and the notebook breathing hard.

Friday, July 6, 2012


I walked carefully down the rain stained pavement that weaved close by the creek. I put my hands into the pockets my my rain jacket letting out a deep sigh. Thousands of thoughts screamed in my head all begging for attention. I tried to shove them all away and ignore the pain in my chest. 
"How does it feel Jade?" A cold hard voice called out from my right. I stopped my whole body tense as I scowled at the hooded figure standing a few feet away. 
"Go away," I hissed my hands clenched into fists in my pockets. 
"Not happy with your best friend?" He asked. 
"Shut up!" I snarled.
He laughed, "we could change that you know."
"I'll fix it myself!" I growled, "I don't need your help and I won't make any deals with you!"
He smiled, "You will. Sooner or later." He turned around disappearing leaving me with my silent mind.