Saturday, January 8, 2011

London eye

I was looking through flair, and I've been trying to find more places for stories to take place and I saw a flair with the London eye. Here's my story:

It was a cloudy gloomy day. I stood in the crowded line of tourists waiting to buy my ticket. I wore my dark trench coat, a long sleeve dark green shirt, worn jeans, and converse reaching up to my knees. My dark brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and the wind nibbed at my bare ears and neck. Why anyone would be out in this weather or going on the London eye was a mystery to me. I reached the ticket booth a purchased a ticket for five minutes from then. I walked over to the cafe across the street and purchased a bagel. I found a window seat and watched the people walk by the window. The London eye moved slowly around. The clouds above not dropping a single raindrop. Someone slipped into the chair across from me and I didn't bother to looked away from the window.
"Where?" A boy's voice asked.
"Five minutes. Circle. Excuse me do I know you?" I said the first two things under my breath and the last one out loud for someone to hear.
"Oh I'm sorry I thought you were my friend," He replied.
"Oh your fine," I laughed, "I was just leaving." I got up from the table and left the shop trying not to smile. I made my way to the entrance ramp of the London eye where people were lining up to board. I pulled on a pair of sunglasses and scanned over the people in line spotting the woman at the front with the boy around my age standing next to her.
"Mich if you don't stay by me then I'm going to have to ring your neck," The woman hissed grabbing him roughly by the arm.
"You don't scare me," I read Mich's lips speak.
"Oh you'd be surprised boy," The women spoke back. I tried to keep my face straight as the people loaded the capsule. The woman shoved the boy to the far side of the capsule, and I stayed by the entrance. A boy a bit taller than me took the spot on the other side of me as they closed the door to the capsule.
"So what's your name?" The boy next to me asked. I looked up at him. He had baby blue colored eyes and short blond hair. I could see the invisible braces when he smiled.
I laughed, "Give me a reason to tell you?" He smiled. I turned around to see Mich and the lady and casually leaned against the railing.
"What do you plan to do?" The boy asked in french.
"Simple," I replied in Arabic, "Get him back." I watched the lady catch my eye and pull something from her bag and thrust it to Mich's side.
"Well. Well. Well," The Lady said loud enough for everyone in the capsule to hear, "If it isn't Jade Jackson, and her little side kick Luke Darklight. What didn't feel like dragging your boyfriend around Jade?"
I clenched my teeth hard together, "He's busy Fionna. Now hand over Mich!" She shoved him forward showing the gun she held to his side.
"Dead or Dead?" She mocked.
"Alive would be the best," Luke growled holding up a small pistol of his own. The other people on the capsule shrank to the sides, and a lady screamed out in horror.
"Watch well cizilians!" Fionna shouted, "This fight will be one to tell all!" I heard the blast of the gun shot and swore. I shot forward hitting Fionna hard on the back of the head.
"You can't always win Jackson," She said as she fell into unconciousness.
"Mich!" I exclaimed rushing to his side. Blood rushed from his wound creating a pool below him.
"LUKE!" I screamed, and he appeared in front of me. I pressed my hands to Mich's wounds trying to stop the blood, but it covered my hands. Tears started to spill from my eyes, and I felt Mich put his hand on my cheek.
"Don't worry about me," He coughed, "You caught her. All the best heros loose at least once." His hand fell away and the color left his eyes. Tears flowed unable to stop blurring my vision beyond seeing.
"Jade," Luke coaxed shaking me, "We have to go, NOW!" The capsule had reached the top of the eye, and I took one last look at Mich. I wipped my hands on his jeans and accepted the backpack from Luke. We popped open the emergency hatch and jumped out into the freezing rain.
* * * * * * *
Super sad and I started it forever ago, but I thought I needed a change and that Jade doesn't have to win every fight she gets into. Please tell me what you think.

Friday, January 7, 2011


I got this idea at my great aunt's funeral cause I never cry during them, but I thought that Jade should cry once and it be during her parent's funeral. This is the story:

I sat in the chapel at the back a way from the people. I kept my head down low trying to hide the tears falling from my eyes.
"Jacob and Melissa Jackson lived a great life," The priest droned on. I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying or look up at the two caskets at the front.
"They're daughters, Jade and Ever, have our full sympathy. We are so sorry for your lose." I could feel people looking at me, but I didn't look at them. I felt someone put their arm around me and looked up at the boy with blond hair and deep blue eyes filled with concern. Jake, my best friend. I sighed looking up at the man standing at the pulpit. His image seemed to faulter turning from a big troll like thing to human again. I scowled as a smile creeped onto his face.
"Would you like to give any words, Jade?" The man's voice sent shivers up my back, and I sighed getting up from my seat. Ever sat next to Luke, her head buried in his shoulder. I made my way to the front trying to look strong. The man's form seemed twisted, and his smile seemed bigger. He reached out a hand for mine, and I looked at it cautiously but took it. A pain started to crawl up my arm and through my body, and I tried to ignore it but it increased. The man's grip on my hand was fierce, as I struggled against it.
"Let go," I growled under my breath.
He let out a low chuckle, "Now why would I do that?" In one swift move he moved his hand to my neck and pinned me to the wall.
"Jade!" I heard several people shout.
"One move toward me and I kill the girl!" The man holding me commanded.
"Let me go or I swear," I gasped.
"You swear what, Little Jackson, You don't scare me," He laughed. My hands seemed to glow an orange color, and he gasped. I thrusted my hand forward sending an orange cloud around the man. He let out a scream and disappeared in a puff of green smoke. I fell to the ground gasping for breath as people started to surround me.
"Jackson are you all right?" A man with black hair asked standing close to me.
"What was that thing and what did I do to it?" I asked as Jake helped me to my feet.
"That thing was an Adude and what you did was use Sunergy. We will train you to use it better and how to fight creatures like the Adude."
I nodded, "I'm ready for it."
* * * * *

Tell me what you think!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new start (homeless part 4)


I woke up to the brightly lite white room that smelled of strong chemicals, and cleaning solution. I tried to sit up, but an extreme pain cause me to wince and lay back down.

"Hey. Take it easy there," I turned my head to see Xander sitting in a chair by my bed, a bandage around his chest.

"What happened?" I asked my voice coming out hoarse.

His eyes were red and tears started to flow again, "Jane stabbed you with a dagger in the back," He sniffed, "They said you might not live." He put his head down on my leg letting the sobs come out. I ran a hand through his dirty black hair, and he looked up at me.

"I'm alive," I insisted, "You don't need to cry." I leaned down and kissed him. I could feel the wetness of his tears. He ran his fingers in my tangled hair, and I pulled away but rested my forehead on his. The door opened, and a man in a flannel shirt, casual jeans and wearing glasses walked in. He had blond hair with flecks of gray probably from stress.

"I presume that you are Xander and Jacqueline, am I correct?" He asked

"Yes sir," I replied. Xander sat on the edge of my bed, and the man stood at the food of it.

"My name is Agent Johnson. I work with MI6...."

"I know who you are and where you are from," I said cutting him off, "The question is are you here for something I did or something else I might have done?"

He let out a short laugh and looked at me, "I think it's for both reasons. Do you know where you are?"

I rolled my eyes, "You could dump me anywhere on the planet and I could tell you if I was in a secret area or not."

"They said you were good at combat. I don't think they looked into your academics."

"I've lived on the streets my whole life. All I know I learned from books or computers."

"The reason we need you to come work for us."

"Work? For you?" I looked at him with shock, "What's the catch?"

"We'll pay all fees for a house and food for you and Xander. We want both of you to work for us," He said smiling. I looked over at Xander who nodded continually.

"What about Jane and Mike?" I asked.

"They will not be able to get near you or have any custody over you. Do you accept?"


* * * * * *

Monday, January 3, 2011

Miscommunication (homeless part 3)


I watched as Xander's body fell to the road and felt myself scream.

"She's awake?! I thought you made her breath in enough of that stuff to knock her out for several days!" The driver hissed.

"I don't know!!! But she's awake now," The man in the back replied. I felt my anger spark high and hit out with my bound hands. The man grunted falling the floor.

"What the......?!" I banged my feet hard into the drivers head and he slumped forward in the seat. The car started to swerve, and I grabbed a dagger from the man in the back. I sliced off the ropes on my wrists and then my ankles. I shoved the guys out the doors and took control of a wheel.

"Let's hope this is automatic," I said out loud. I jerked the wheel so the car made a sharp u-turn. I parked it on the side of the road where Xander's body lay. Dead or alive I couldn't tell. I ran to his side and inspected the wound in his chest just barely below his heart.

"Jacq," He moaned.

"I'm here," I replied, "We're going to take you to the hospital. You'll be alright." I could hear the sirens of police cars and ambulances making they're way to us. I could help but tense only thinking for the worst. I let a single tear run from my eye knowing it could all be over. I felt Xander raise his hand to my face and looked down at him through blurred vision.

"I won't let them get us," He insisted, "I won't let them get YOU."

I sniffed, "I love you."

"I love..." he winced, "I love you too." I leaned down the tears now flowing down my checks and kissed him. The emergency people screeched to a halt by us and rushed forward. I held tight to Xander's hand as they started to put him onto the stretcher.

"Miss," A paramedic said putting a hand on my shoulder, "We need to have a word with you." I looked back down at Xander and gave him another kiss.

"I'll be back," I replied.

"You better," He mocked giving a faint smile. I walked away with the paramedic to a few cops all whispering to each other.

"Good evening miss," One of the cops said nodding to me, "We suspect you know what happened here?" I looked over my shoulder to where the other paramedics were looking over Xander.

"Yes my boyfriend and I were just out on a date, and you know how bad this city can be with muggers. They saw use coming down the street and they had guns and tried to get me into a car and..." I fake trailed off bursting into tears that I didn't really have to fake.

"It's ok Miss," The cop said, "We'll save your boyfriend." I nodded wiping the tears away. I made my way over to Xander as they started to load him into the ambulance.

"We'll have to take him to the hospital to look at the wound better," One of the paramedics told me, "Your free to ride in the truck with him."

"Thank you," I replied giving him a half smile.

"Jacqueline!" I heard a voice call from far off. My face seemed to drain of color as I turned around to see the lady with flowing black hair wearing a blue color dress and coat.

"Jacq, what is it?" Xander asked seeing my concerned face.

"Jane," I hissed under my breath. Jane came to the opening of the truck smiling up at us.

"There you two are!" She panted, "We've been worried sick! Are you alright?" I glared hard at her with hatred as the cops came up to the truck.

"Excuse me Madame, but this is a closed area, you can't be in here," One of them said.

"Sir these are my children, I have permission to be here," she replied smiling back at me.

"I don't know this woman," I told the cop. Jane latched onto my arm squeezing her sharp nails into my arm.

"Honey your probably just suffering from trauma from your brother being shot," She insisted.

"She's lying," Xander said with a stern voice. Jane glared up at him. He looked fierce sitting up clutching his hurt side. The paramedics begging him to lay back down.

"Mrs. Chase," The chief police said stepping forward, "We're going to have to ask you to step away from the teens."

"Officer I can assure you that these are my children. I have the papers to prove it." She kept her grip on my arm and pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket. I could feel the blood starting to rise to the wound she was creating. The chief looked over the paper letting out a sigh.

"She's right. She has full custody of them," He said.

"What!? NO!" I screamed as she started to drag me from the truck.

"Come on dear we'll meet them at the hospital." Jane said.

"NO! LET ME GO!" I shouted lashing out at her, but she caught my hand twisting it at a hard angle till it snapped. I gasped, and she pulled me the rest of the way out of the truck.

"Xander!" I exclaimed.

"Jacq!" I heard him shout. He lashed out against the paramedics and jumped from the truck. He pulled out a dagger from his pocket and rushed toward us.

Jane smirked, "You never learn boy." I felt her thrust something into my back and pain sheared from the spot. My breath left from my mouth as I collapsed to the ground.

* * * * * *