Friday, January 7, 2011


I got this idea at my great aunt's funeral cause I never cry during them, but I thought that Jade should cry once and it be during her parent's funeral. This is the story:

I sat in the chapel at the back a way from the people. I kept my head down low trying to hide the tears falling from my eyes.
"Jacob and Melissa Jackson lived a great life," The priest droned on. I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying or look up at the two caskets at the front.
"They're daughters, Jade and Ever, have our full sympathy. We are so sorry for your lose." I could feel people looking at me, but I didn't look at them. I felt someone put their arm around me and looked up at the boy with blond hair and deep blue eyes filled with concern. Jake, my best friend. I sighed looking up at the man standing at the pulpit. His image seemed to faulter turning from a big troll like thing to human again. I scowled as a smile creeped onto his face.
"Would you like to give any words, Jade?" The man's voice sent shivers up my back, and I sighed getting up from my seat. Ever sat next to Luke, her head buried in his shoulder. I made my way to the front trying to look strong. The man's form seemed twisted, and his smile seemed bigger. He reached out a hand for mine, and I looked at it cautiously but took it. A pain started to crawl up my arm and through my body, and I tried to ignore it but it increased. The man's grip on my hand was fierce, as I struggled against it.
"Let go," I growled under my breath.
He let out a low chuckle, "Now why would I do that?" In one swift move he moved his hand to my neck and pinned me to the wall.
"Jade!" I heard several people shout.
"One move toward me and I kill the girl!" The man holding me commanded.
"Let me go or I swear," I gasped.
"You swear what, Little Jackson, You don't scare me," He laughed. My hands seemed to glow an orange color, and he gasped. I thrusted my hand forward sending an orange cloud around the man. He let out a scream and disappeared in a puff of green smoke. I fell to the ground gasping for breath as people started to surround me.
"Jackson are you all right?" A man with black hair asked standing close to me.
"What was that thing and what did I do to it?" I asked as Jake helped me to my feet.
"That thing was an Adude and what you did was use Sunergy. We will train you to use it better and how to fight creatures like the Adude."
I nodded, "I'm ready for it."
* * * * *

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