Sunday, August 14, 2011

Council Meeting

I stood by the window gazing down at the burning buildings. The army attacked the unseen barrier around the castle, and I sighed giving it more strength.
"Jade," A voice said behind me, and I turned to face Jake. His blond hair was flecked with dirt, and his clothes had blood stained on them.
"I know," I stated following him along to the throne room that had a long table with tactics and battle plans stretched along it. People shouted all around the table pointing to the papers.
"Silence!" I shouted and they all looked up at me. I walked to the head of the table and stood there glaring at them for a long moment.
"I understand they've taken our gates. If you believe my barrier won't hold then you think wrong," I stated, "Where are our forces?"
A man cleared his throat pointing to a map of the kingdom, "We have a few at each gate but word from them hasn't come in a few days. The archers and soldiers here at the castle have been able to get some of the army down from the inside."
I nodded, "What about Jason and Jaden?"
"They haven't been spotted among the army your highness," A women said. I sighed running a hand in my short brown hair.

"I want to be notified if anyone spots them," I stated and Everyone around the table nodded, "We are not going to loose the kingdom."