Monday, September 17, 2012

Best friends

Closer than a friend
Always there to the end
A shining light in the dark
Leaving a special mark
Always there to wipe your tears
Helping you face all your fears
Though you can be miles apart
They will always be in your heart
Best Friends Forever. WJ

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I laid down on the auditorium steps and felt my mind fade

“Relax Jade dear,” A beautiful woman with white hair whispered touching my cheek.

“M-mom?” I questioned.

She smiled, “You need to embrace the darkness in you.”

“But,” I gasped as a scene exploded all around me.

Snow flowed down from above coating the bridge leading to the castle. My small hands pressed against the window of the carriage as I peered out into the cold. My mother placed a gentle hand on my shoulder , and I glanced over at her kind smile.

“You will be nice and on your best behavior while we visit him,” she said as the carriage pulled inside.

“yes mommy,” I replied as we came to a stop. The door opened, and the cold rushed in. I shivered peeking out then hopped down. I pulled my cloak close glancing around.

“Welcome!” A man came over smiling, and I moved behind my mother.

My mother smiled back, “thank you for inviting us.”

“Is this little Jade?” he asked crouching down to my height. I shook clinging to my mom.

She nodded, “She'll be the one taking it on after me.”

He smiled, “Very good. Come inside where it's warm.” He lead the way inside, and I looked around the dimly lit hallway.

“Jade I have somethings to discuss with our host. Why don't you go explore a bit,” she stated.

“Just stay in the castle,” The man said, “don't need wolves getting to you.” My mother nodded then followed the man into a room. The door shut behind them, and I scrambled over trying to hear. I sighed pulling away with no luck of sound. I sniffed thinking about our bright castle with the lush green scenery surrounding it, and the large window always bringing in sunlight. I ran my hand along the cold stone walking down the hall. My hand skimmed over a loose stone, and I stopped feeling it more. I looked left then right seeing no one and pressed against the stone. The wall moved aside revealing a long dark tunnel barely lite by a few torches. I walked inside following the tunnel.

“You can no tell her that!” The familiar voice of my mother's angry voice came down the tunnel. I hurried down the tunnel looking around finding a small hole in the wall. I peered through into the room spotting my mother facing the man the anger clear on her face.

“She'll find out sooner or later,” He replied.

“Then let it be better that she never knows!” she shouted. The man smiled as a hand grabbed my shoulder yanking me back from the hole. I cried out glancing at the boy that had grabbed me. His dark black hair hung long curling around his ears, and he looked at me with hard green eyes. He towered a full head taller than me, and I moved back hitting the wall.

“What are you doing here?” He growled, “this is a private hallway.”

“I-i...,” I whimpered shrinking down. He scowled grabbing me hard by the arm leading me back down the tunnel. He shoved me out shutting the tunnel as he came through.

“My father is a fool for inviting you and mother here,” the boy snarled at me.

“I-I'm s-sorry,” I stuttered shaking.

He scoffed circling me, “You're the one linked to me?”

“W-what?” I asked watching him confused.

He laughed, “You don't know do you?”

I shook my head.

“We're siblings,” He said stopping in front of me, “I'm your brother.”
“No!” I shouted, “I already has brother! And sister!”

He smirked, “Their father is not the same as ours.”

“N-no,” I whispered than wheeled around running down the hallway. The boy's laughter echoed down the hall as I came our into the bitter cold. I stumbled along past the carriage and through the gate. I cried out as the wind roared around me, and I fell to my knees. The wind blew harder seeming to come at me from all sides. I screamed trying to cover my head. A growl rang out through the air causing the wind to cease. I shook looking up my eyes connecting with the white wolf's dark blue ones. I screamed stumbling back shaking. The wolf cocked it's head sitting down. I sniffed stopping holding out a hand. The wolf moved forward slowly sniffing my hand then rubbed it's head against it.

“R-reggan,” I whispered wrapping my arms around him. An arrow whizzed through the air, and I gasped. Reggan growled his coat bristling. I glanced up at the castle wall spotting the archers lining it.

“NO!” I screamed covering Reggan.

“Stop!” A voice called out, and my mother rushed over to me. I cried into Reggan shaking as the scene disappeared.

I blinked shielding my eyes from the blinding lights above. Voices surged all around me, and I sighed. I held out my hand, and girl helped me up. I closed my eyes for a minute remembering what I had seen not letting it leave me again.