Saturday, July 28, 2012

The past

I sat on my bed holding the green and purple duck tapped notebook in my lap. I smiled as I looked down at it. Within the notebook lied the story my best friend and I shared. I let my mind slip back to the first time we had met. On the side of the school as I sat watching the band. Who would have thought that from that moment we would join together to fight a great evil, discover a new world, and learn that we were stronger than we thought. I sighed. It had only been a year and a few months that we'd known each other and we had grown close.
"why don't you just hand it over Jade," I gasped gripping the book tightly scowling at the hooded figure in front of me.
"I won't give it to you," I growled, "we didn't give it to you in the past I won't give it to you now!" he growled lunging at me and I dove to the side off my bed grabbing my rod. I whirled around pointing it at the figure.
"I suggest you leave," I snarled.
"You can't protect it all week," He stated, "we will get it. sooner or later." he disappeared and I looked down and the notebook breathing hard.

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