Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New story idea! YAY!

I've had writer's block for a week or so now! I finally got the best story idea from my horoscope the other day! Here's what I got!

The war ragged savagely outside. Fires lite the sky with a dark red. The color of anger and hatred. The man looked down at the dwindling guardians fending off the dark forces.
"Sir!" A young girl dressed in white burst into the room carrying a small bundle in her arms, "They've broken through the back!"
"Block the door," The man commanded, "We have to protect her." They shoved a desk and shelf in front of the door and anything else they could find.
"Hand me the child," The man insisted. The young girl handed the small bundle over. The man starred down at the small sleeping girl. The glowing white and red sideways S still clutched in her small hands.
"She knows of her responsibility," The women said peering over the man's shoulder.
"It is a great one," He sighed. Pounding came on the door followed by foul cursing.
"We don't have much time," The young girl gasped, "What are we going to do?"
"We much leave," The man replied, "Only she can stay. She must learn about these people. Come. They will not harm her." The man placed the girl in a small basket on the desk and grabbed the young girl's hands.
"Feelaneekeek," The man muttered. A bright light surrounded the two as the door burst open. The light disappeared as the soldiers in red swarmed the room.
"Meloopvikeek," A women in red armor and cape barked. The soldiers moved to the sides as the women made her way to the basket. She starred down at the small child with dark brown eyes holding onto the sideways S. Half red, half white.
"What should we do with it my lady?" The General asked.
"It, General," The women said, "Is a baby girl." She reached down into the basket and pulled the girl into her arms. The girl didn't cry. How odd, the women thought.
"I will take this child as my own," The women announced, "She shall be the next ruler of our empire."
~16 years later~
* * * * * * *

Sorry that's all I have. Just came up with it today. I'm messing around with it though and I'm loving it more and more! Please give me feedback! :)

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