Friday, November 12, 2010

Dark night

30 minutes left in class. Part of story idea I have. Let's see what I can do:

I leaned against the rail of the bridge staring into the dark waters below. Lights shined all around scaring away the dark shadows of the night.
"Hello Jackson," Or so I had hoped. I felt the ice cold feeling seep into my bones causing me to shiver. The lights of the bridge seemed to fade as he came toward me.
"What is a beautiful lively girl doing out on such a cold dark night?" He hissed into my ear.
"What's a dark ruthless guy like you doing around a place like this?" I shot back. I fingered the dagger hanging by my side.
He laughed, "so wit full. So beautiful." I felt his ice cold fingers run through my hair. I breathed out seeing my breath fog. I slipped my dagger from my sheath and spun around catching him in the chest. He staggered backwards onto the road scowling up at me. His eyes were a pure black, and he wore worn jeans and a button down shirt. A dark like cloud seemed to outline his shape. The blood from the wound started to stain his shirt a dark red.
"Now," He sighed, "That wasn't too nice."
I clenched my teeth, "When have you known me to be nice?"
He laughed, "So violent. Come now what happened to the sweet girl I fell in love with?" I let a low growl escape my throat and pinned him in the middle of the road. I held the dagger over his head, and he let out a metallic laugh.
"Go ahead, Kill me, What difference would it make? You've already lost," He insisted. I hit him on the side of the head and watched his eyes roll back.
"No," I said, "I will never lose."
* * * * * * *

Didn't have that much time to write much more. I really like it and the bridge is over the Seine river in France. Got the whole story idea from a picture in french class. :) Tell me what you think!

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