Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ok so just super bored and was looking through anime pics and got an idea. :)

I awoke to the immense pain in my head. I laid curled up on a soft dark green round couch. My cream colored trench coat was fanned out behind me, and my gun lay barely out of the reach of my hand. My hands were bound my the wrists along with my ankles.

"Finally. I thought they might have killed you," I moved my head to see a boy sitting on a bed a few feet away. I felt a sudden distaste for him. My memory was fuzzy making it hard to remember what had happened. I tried to reach for my gun and felt an intense electric shock in my back. I gasped waiting till the pain disappeared.

"So persistent," The boy tsked, "Why won't you just stay down?"

"Why won't you just leave me alone?" I shot back. I moved my self into a sitting position so I could face him. He had short slightly curly blond hair and pale green eyes. He wore a plain white button down shirt and dress pants. Something about him set my mind whirling with anger.

"What do you want?" I growled.

He laughed, "I should expect you to forget. Curse them for hitting you so hard," He glared off toward a door, "You'll remember soon, but just for short I love you." He got up running a finger along my face. I kicked out hard sending him spiraling onto the bed.

"And I hate you Ander," I hissed. He grinned at me saying his name. My head ached more, but I remembered. I had been walking home from D.C. head quarters. I had been knocked out while passing an ally way. Typical of him to do this. He slid off the bed like the snake he was walking toward me. I whirled around grabbing my gun and aiming it at me.

He put his hands up chuckling, "You wouldn't shoot me now would you?" I thrusted the gun to his chest.

"I would," I insisted, "You've brought me enough trouble. Unlock me now." He produced a key from a pocket pants and unlocked my wrists. I held the gun to him still as he did my ankles.

"I'm going to leave, and I swear I'll kill you in your sleep if you ever do this again," I said making my way to the door. he gave a sly grin as I opened the door and backed into something hard. I looked up to see a bulky guard blocking the door. He clasped both his hands around me and squeezed till I dropped the gun. Ander pulled out a spray can and walked toward me.

"I don't loose," He whispered in my ear spraying the stuff in my face. The smell was foul and over powering, and I felt the world slip away.
* * * * * *

Totally random started it forever ago and just finished it. Tell me what you think and if you want more and I might add more ;) Syd over and out!

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