Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winter forest

I trudged through the heavy knee deep snow feeling like I was being watched. Which was true. I wore complete white snow gear and my dark hair was pulled up into a white hat. I held my bow tightly armed with an arrow. A twig snapped off to my left, and I whirled to point my bow in the direction.

"Whatever you do, don't kill me," Jake pleaded holding his hands up in surrender. I laughed running to give him a hug. I pulled away and slugged him hard in the arm.

"OW! What was that for?" He exclaimed.

"Your late!" I shot back, "Any idea where Eva is?" An arrow lodged into the tree next to me, and I turned around searching for her.

"Good luck finding me," Eva said, "You know better than that. I'm an expert at camouflage."
"Well you know better that my hearing and speed is good."
"Crap!" I landed on top of her sending us both tumbling. We stopped at the bottom of a tree laughing.
"Ok," Jake said, "Enough goofing off. We have training to do." We both nodded.
"Free for all?" I asked.
"Sounds fair," Eva said fixing her quiver, "Last one standing?"
"Five minutes to hide," Jake said, "Go!" We all took off in separate directions. I swung myself up
into the trees jumping from branch to branch. I kept track of the time in my head till five minutes was up. I took a deep breath pulling my scarf around my mouth. I kept a 360 vision of the area trying to keep an eye out for movement. I could hear a bird call from above, a rabbit bounding through the underbrush, and the deer on the hill side eating the little twigs off the trees. A dark figure moved quickly from a tree a bit off from me. I tried to focus on the area, but saw no more movement. Something crashed from above me, and I didn't have time to react before I was smashed to the ground.
"Jade!" I heard Jake exclaimed. My arms were pinned constricting me from reaching my dagger. I starred up at the figure dressed in identical clothing like mine, but in black. The only thing I could see were dark hazel eyes. The figure moved quick leaning close to my ear.
"Don't tell anyone about it," He said. He quickly pulled away and disappeared. Jake appeared next to me and helped me up followed by Eva.
"What the freak was that about?" Eva demanded.
"Your guess is as good as mine," I replied.
* * * * * *
Idea from: Thanksgiving trip up to Aunt's house up the canyon.

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