Friday, November 12, 2010

Sanditron. Chapter 1: Unwelcomed guests.

"Jets!" I barked into my headset, "Report!"

"Left side of target," Raja said.

"Watch it!" Jake hissed, and I heard a whooshing sound, "Luke and I are behind it, and I might die and not from the Idron." I smiled wondering what they were doing.

"Right side," Violet whispered.

"Front side," My twin Ever said next to me.

I nodded, "Move in." We moved forward creeping through the under brush. We crouched in a wild berry bush on the edge of the clearing. A small creek ran through the clearing, and I could see the Idron sitting next to the creek. I pulled my bow off my back and armed it with an arrow. Ever followed my lead arming her's.

"On my mark," I said to my team. I pulled the arrow back and raised my bow to eye level. I let my fingers slip from my string, and watched mine and Ever's arrows lodge into the Idron's chest. It let out a howl of pain, but Jake sliced off it's head. The body sizzled and disappeared leaving no evidence behind.

"You could have let us do something," Violet pouted folding her arms over her chest.

"Oh," Jake said bowing, "I'm so sorry your highness." Violet whacked him on the back of the head as the rest of the team cam together.

"It doesn't matter who took it out Violet," I insisted, "The job got done. That's all that matters." Violet rolled her eyes and turned away from Jake.

"Jackson!" A voice said through our headsets.

"Yes Joesph!" Ever and I both said.

"The high council requests your audience,' He said, and I looked over my team.

"Be there in fifteen," I replied. I grabbed a thin oval from my back and threw it in front of me. It hovered a foot off the ground, and I hopped on. I stomped on a button on the front of the board, and it shot forward. I weaved in between the trees heading south.

"Where are we headed?" Someone said next to me. I turned to see a boy with shaggy black hair riding a hover board.

"Who-" My board hit a tipped over tree, and I flew through the air.

"Crap!" I growled as the ground started to rush towards me. I tried to right myself but ended up tumbling across the ground till I hit into a tree.

"Jade!" I heard my team exclaim.

"I'm alright," I replied as I stood up using the tree for support.

"What happened?" Raja asked as he glided into view followed by the rest of the team and the boy.

"Who, in Sanditron, are you?" I growled jabbing a finger in his chest.


"Raphael!" Someone yelled.

"Over here Katari!" He responded. A girl road through the trees. Her face was concealed by the hood of her dark green cloak. I could barely make out a boy strung on her back underneath.

"Explain to me why I went flying through the air, and how you go those?" I demanded indicating the boards they rode and scowled, "Oh some body's in trouble. Head to the tree house and watch our new "friends". I hopped on Ever's board and rode over to where my board laid on the forest floor. I jumped down and inspected the damage done to my board.

"Nothing's broken," I told Ever,"It's going got need some repairs in some spots, but it can still fly."

"Good to hear," Ever replied, "Any idea why we got new recruits?"

"Nope," I said stomping a button to make my board rise, "But I'm not happy about it. Joesph knows our policy for new recruits."

"Probably why they called us to come to HQ," Ever suggested. I nodded, and we rose above the trees. I shot forward ahead of the group feeling the cool air on my face. Towering mountains loomed off to my left in the East as we headed south. We passed over a small paved road cutting through the trees and into the mountain. The road heading west lead into a small town. The area in between was filled with trees tightly packed. I slowed when we came above the area of the tree house. I began to lose altitude till I broke through the trees and onto the wrap-around porch of the main tree house. Six wood planked bridges branched off from the main tree house, leading to smaller tree houses that served as our bedrooms. I swung open the door to the tree house and took a deep breath of the familiar air.

"Dang!" Raphael exclaimed. I grinned. Four areas split up the area: A gourmet kitchen off to the right that looked like it had been taken out of a catalog, Eight floor to ceiling shelves with a fire place in the middle and chairs to the left, and a padded area in the middle for combat practice. We headed to the last area in front of us with a sunk in couch and six chutes behind the area. The team started to load the chutes.

"Ever," I said when she went to step into a chute, "Let our friends go first." She sighed exaggerating a jester for them to board. I shook my head as she came to stand by me. We watched them disappear and waited two minutes. We got into the chutes and waved as we were shot down with a gust of air. I counted in my head to ninety, and a white marble floor specked with blue and dark green bits of glass, appeared. I braced myself for the impact. I almost landed perfectly but my foot slipped, and I knew it was all over. I didn't feel the floor meet my back. I looked up to see Raja staring down at me.

"Easy there," Raja insisted steadying me.

"Thanks," I said trying to hide my flushed cheeks.

"Any time," He nodded. We headed down the hall into a foyer lite by the sun streaming in through the dome ceiling above. A round desk was set in the middle of the area, and a guard with bright red hair doozed off in the chair. I crept forward and slammed my hand on the desk.

"What! HUH! Your not going anywhere while I'm on guard!" He pulled out a gun and pulled the safety.

"Hit the floor!" I exclaimed as he started to shoot wildly.u

"Ow!" Violet exclaimed grasping her arm where a bullet had grazed her.

"Bart! Clam down!" I shouted over the shooting.

"Huh?" He stopped peering over the desk, "Hey! Jackson! what's going on?"

"You freaked out again," I explained pulling my self up.

"Oh," he said shocked, "Did I hit anyone?"

"Yeah, me," Violet huffed, "Gesh Bart do you always sleep with a gun?" He shrugged, and we headed toward the hall leading to the high council room.

"Jade, Wait!" Bart shouted as he wheeled around the desk, "A team of inspectors searching your old home found these, told me to give them to you." He held up a pair of necklaces one with a sliver J the other with a silver E.

"No way," Ever gasped.

"Tell them thank you," I said grabbing them. I clasped mine around my neck and handed Ever her's. I felt like a part of my old life had been restored. I sighed bringing myself back to the present as we made our way to a pair of double doors bearing the sigh of the Jet society. I pushed the doors open and stopped at the edge of a circle. Three sections of risers surrounded the area. Two other halls lead off to places I didn't know. A boy with pale white hair stood in the middle starring up at a man with Jet black hair and a thing white strand of hair. He wore a dark pin stripped suit making him look superior then the other members.

"They're in the middle of a judgement," I explained stepping back a bit into the shadows.

"William Smith," The man spoke, "You like every creature of Sanditron, were given the opportunity to live among the humans."

"Didn't we just take him out?" Violet questioned.

"Yup," I replied, "Didn't expect him to get here this fast."

"William Smith, by order of the Jet society high council, you are to be sent back to Sanditron and never aloud to return to the mortal world." Two guards came into lead him off. He stopped, looking back at me with hatred filled eyes.

"Jets, proceed forward," My gaze snapped away from the boy, and I lead my team forward.

"I think you have probably guessed why you were called here, no?" The man said.

"You know the policy for new recruits is Joesph, I won't accept them," I said. A dagger whizzed past my ear lodging into the risers in front of me. I turned around to see Katari twirling another knife. Her hood had fallen from her head revealing long curly brown hair and deep green eyes.

"Don't underestimate us," Raphael insisted.

I sighed, "Fine. They're in."

* * * * *

That is the first chapter of my book. Sorry currently debating if I want to put certain chapters in or not so I'm currently stuck on chapter 2. Please give me feed back! THANKS!


  1. hmm, lets a seea herea, katari is the best, just saying. and the rest of the characters arent that bad either, specially rapheal. *wink, wink

  2. HAHA! Your awesome Looney. ;)