Thursday, August 30, 2012


I glanced at the gushing fountains of the Ballagio watching as the water moved to the music. A cold breeze whistled through the many casinos, and I pulled my coat closer around me. I walked over to the entrance of the Ballagio late night party goers stumbling past me. I pushed through the double doors of the casino a wave of warm air engulfing me. I slipped off my coat as my heels clicked across the floor.
"Can I help you ma'am?" a man asked near the roped off section for the poker tables.
"I'd like to play," I stated flashing my ID. He nodded moving the rope aside letting me in. I looked around at the many tables picking one in the far corner. Men in tuxedos cluttered the table colorful chips piled in front of them. I smiled sitting in the only empty chair.
"Pretty little girl come to take on the men?" A buff looking man huffed from the far end of the table. I smirked keeping my eyes down as the dealer passed me my chips. I moved them close to me as the dealer dealt the card. I put my left hand around the edge of the cards as I used my right to looked the cards. A nine of clubs and a nine of hearts winked back at me, and I made sure to keep my face emotionless.
"4,000 for the pretty lady," The buff man called out. The other men groaned folding. I smiled picking up 4,000 chips and set them in front of me.
"Heads up," the dealer announced pulling in the chips then put a card down and flipped over three others. I held my breath glancing at the flop. A three of hearts, a nine of spades, and a nine of diamonds.
The man grinned, "all in lady."
"Call," I stated flipping up my nines. The whole table erupted in shock and the man cursed throwing his cards. I smiled as the dealer passed me my chips. The man scowled at me getting up leaving the table. I glanced at the dealer and she nodded handing me a ticket with my winnings on it. I slipped out of my seat following the man towards the hotel part of the building. He stopped in front of the elevators and I waited till he went in then slipped off my heels going up the stairs. I checked the levels as I went watching the elevators till I came to the 6th floor and the man walked out. I followed silently staying well behind.
"You can stop trying miss Jackson," the man stated coming to a stop. I froze as he turned around smiling.
"You know why I'm here," I replied.
"All too well," He replied holding up the purple bracelet with the all too familiar name carved into it. My hands balled into fists as I looked at it.
"Where is she?!" I shouted.
He laughed, "you'll never find her." He wheeled around dashing down the hall. I cursed sprinting after him. He slammed through some doors leading into a second stairwell and ran up them. I followed taking the steps 3 at a time. The man burst out onto the roof and the wind hit him hard. I panted coming up behind him.
"Just tell me where she is!!!" I shouted over the wind. He laughed moving over by the edge the necklace in his hand.
"You'll never know!" He shouted back releasing the bracelet. I gasped running forward towards the edge, and jumped.

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