Wednesday, August 8, 2012

writing contest entry

It seemed as if everything was holding it's breath. Waiting for what was about to happen. The air was light and peaceful as was the grass that lay below. A quiet warm breeze rushed through bringing the sent of fresh flowers. My eyes laid close as I let the breeze kiss my face. My pale small toes wiggled in the blades of grass. The sound of heavy hoof fall crashed through the silence causing my eyes to fly open. The sky seemed to darken as my eyes fell on the horse and rider that were the color of night. I turned my back on them running across the field hardly feeling my feet touch the earth. Darkness seemed to descend all around the field as the rider rod ahead of me blocking my path. I stopped breathing heavily as the cloaked figure looked down at me.
“Are you the one they call Princess?” An eerie voice asked from under to the cloak.
“No,” I growled my hands balled into fists, “I'm the one they call queen.” A smile crept out from under the hood as the figure moved closer.
“I'll need you to come with me, Queen,” He stated.
“Never,” I snarled. Shadowy figures emerged on either side of my wrapping the hands around my arms.
“Our king would very much like to meet with you,” the cloaked figure said.
I struggled, “I'd rather die then see his face again.”
“Death is what you will be close to,” he stated as a wind whipped around us. I closed my eyes feel the field slip away.
“Very good,” a familiar voice spoke out. I opened my eyes meeting the gaze of a man sitting on a sleek black throne. His hands were clasped in front of him, his left leg draped over his right.
“The great Queen of Cytania,” He smiled, “in my custody.” I growled yanking against the hands restraining me.
“You won't be able to contain me for long,” I sneered.
A grin crossed his face, “I didn't plan on it dear. I have big plans for you.” He rose from his throne walking smoothly towards me. I tried to hide the shaking in my body as he stood in front of me our eyes meeting.
“I'm going to make you forget everything. Your whole life here,” He said, “and send you far away as I take over your kingdom.”
“No!!” I shouted trying to hit out at him. He wrapped his hand around my throat gripping it hard.
“Good bye. Queen,” He whispered before I felt my mind slip away into darkness.

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