Friday, June 29, 2012

Sanditron Prologue

People in dark clothing stood all around me. A man stood before the three holes with the caskets hovering over them.
"Sterling, Jonathan, and Maria Jackson were some of the best in our forces," The man, Joesph the new leader of the Jet society, stated. "They protected this world with their lives, and for that we are very grateful. May they rest in peace." The girl beside me hiccuped tears streaming down her face. I wrapped an arm aroudn her frail shoulders her blond curls drapping over my arm.
"The role of the Jet forces leader, that Sterling held, would have been passed to his son Jonathan," Joesph explained, "The role must be passed down to his daughter." His glance landed on me, and I let go of the girl stepping forward. Joesph pulled out a pen from his jacket holding out his hand for my left arm. I put it in his hand closing my eyes.
"Before I finish the final step of prounancing Jade Jackson, the new jet forces leader, does anyone object?" Joesph asked. A dagger whizzed between joesph and I landing in a tree close by. I glanced over at the tall figure concealed in a black cloak another dagger twirling in his hand.
"I object," A dark eerie voice stated from the figure. People all around me reached for their weapons as Joesph stepped between me and the figure.
"You are not welcome here," Joesph snarled. I could barely make out a grin under the figures hood.
"I'll leave," He stated, "but know that I will be back and you'll have to find a new Jet forces leader." Darkness surrounded him and soon he was gone.

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