Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok so I've been needing new story ideas to mess around with and I asked one of my friends who has really enjoyed my stories and she gave me the idea for it to take in Bollywood India. Well this is what I got from it :)

"Woah! Look Jade it's an elephant!" Jake exclaimed staring out of the small taxi window.

"Yes Jake I've seen at least ten of those now," I said rolling my eyes.

"Well sorry I was sleeping."

"Your always sleeping."

"You point?"

"Jake," I sighed rubbing my temples, "The boss sent us here on an important mission. We're suppose to be serious about this." He leaned across the seat pressing his lips against mine.

"I know," He said tucking a piece of hair behind my ear, "We can have a little of fun while we guard the princess right? I mean come on we're in India for Pete sakes!" I laughed kissing him again. The driver yelled something in Indian, and we both laughed. It was a ten minute drive to the mansion where the princess lived. A winding cobble stone drive way lead up to the front door where a serious man waited to greet us.

"I'm guessing that's his highness himself," Jake stated as the car stopped. We stepped out of the car as the taxi driver grabbed our things.

"You must be Mr. Darklight and Miss. Jackson," The king said, "It is a pleasure to have you two here. Please follow--" A scream ripped through the air and something crashed from inside. A girl dressed in an Indian dress with a bead on her forehead stormed out of the house. I looked at Jake as his eyes widened.

"Father I--" She stopped short when she saw me, and her mouth dropped open.

"Abirami," The king smiled, "These are your new bodyguards."

"Ok I'm freaked out," Jake stated looking between the princess and I. We had the exact same hair and facial expressions, but our eyes were completely different colors, her's were a dark exotic brown, mine were a bright green.

The king looked at both of us for the first time, "My goodness! This is odd. Well I will leave you all to get to know each other. Good day." He left into the house where two guards met up with him. The princess waited till her father was out of site and then got up close in my face.

"Listen here guard," She hissed her voice dripping venom, "I don't need no 'bodyguard' ok? So you just mind your business and I'll mind mine. Sound good?" I cocked and eyebrow and gentle pushed away from her.

"No that doesn't sound good," I stated, "Your father hired us to guard you cause of the terrorist attack." The princess rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

"I don't care. I can handle some idiot terrorists. Just leave me be. Got it?" She said and stalked back into the house.

"Ouch," Jake said, "Something tells me she doesn't like us"

"No? Really?" I said laughing, "Let's get our stuff." We grabbed our duffle bags and walked up the walkway into the front entrance. Two flights of grand stairs cases made out of white marble. The area in between lead into a pure white room with a grand piano. A butler stood at the end of the stairs waiting for us.

"My name is Joesph," He said in a weird accent, "I will be showing you to your rooms." He lead us up the stairs to the right and down a wide hallway with a designer rug adjourned with beads on the edges. He stopped in front of two open doors across from each other.

"These will be your rooms for your stay," Joesph said, "If you need anything just pick up the phone by the bed."

"Thank you," I said. He nodded and left the way we had come.

"See you in a minute?" Jake said as he headed to the door on the left.

"Ok and then we'll go take a look around," I replied and he nodded.

I stepped into the room and instantly smelt a strong scent of roses. My head started to throb as I walked all the way in. Flower petals were scattered over the white sheets and floor of the room. I'd never seen so much white in my life. An elephant statue sat in the far corner made out of white marble like the stairs. I walked over and reached out to touch it.

"We are not suppose to touch any elephant statues," A voice scolded behind me. I turned to see
Abriami leaning against the door frame. She wore dark red robes with a scarf wrapped around her head. He walked into the room shutting the door behind her.

"Look I'm sorry about earlier," She said, "It's just, to tell you the truth, I'm frightened. I was attacked at school by one of the terrorist. It's why my father pulled me out and hired you. I never wanted any of that to happen." She sat down on the bed, and I didn't know what to do.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Tomorrow is my birthday party and all of my friends are coming. My father has considered canceling my party! What am I to do?" She threw her arms up in the air and laid down on the bed.

"Um," I shifted from one foot to the other nervously, "If you want I could talk to him. You know get him to let you."

"You'd do that?"


"Oh thank you!" She jumped up and gave me a hug, "Before the party you can so wear something of mine! You'll fit right in. We can even find Jake something." She smiled from ear to ear. I laughed smiling back. A light knock came on the door.

"Anyone home?" Jake asked as he came in, "I can see your both enjoying yourselves." Abirami scowled at him leaving the room. He looked at me confused.

"Don't worry about it," I laughed, "Let's go check out the grounds." I placed my bag on the bed and grabbed my small sliver dagger from the the bottom. I slipped it into the sheath around my waist and headed out the door.

"Hey I want to try something," I said as we got to the stairs. He looked at me puzzled as I jumped on the railing and slid down to the bottom. He laughed following my lead. The house had a total of 20 doors. We didn't dare open all of them. There was a double floor library, a gourmet kitchen, and a grand theater with a balcony and concession stand.

"Ok I'm never leaving," Jake said jumping into a giant bean bag. I jumped on the other side sending him rolling off. I laughed, and he jumped on sending me flying. We both started laughing. Someone cleared their voice above us, and we stood up.

The king stared down at us, "I can see you have found your way around."

"Yes your majesty," Jake said, "Your house is very nice."

"Um... sir can I talk with you privately?" I questioned.

"Come up to my study. Last door on the right down the left hall," He stated. I nodded and left the room. I found the king sitting in a room surrounded by floor to ceiling book shelves. A wide widows was behind his desk. He sat behind the elegant wooden desk and I sat down in one of the chairs in front of it.

"What was it you needed to talk to me about?" he asked.

"Um.... Your daughter said she had her party coming up tomorrow," I said.

"She isn't having it," He stated.

"Sir hear me out," I sighed, "It's a special day for your daughter and you didn't hire Jake and I for no reason. Were the best in our school. Please let her have her party. I assure you that we will keep her safe." The king looked at me for a while studying me.

"If you fail me Miss Jackson my full rag will come out," He said.

"I understand," I replied. I got up to leave.

"Jade?" He said, and I turned around, "I trust you." I nodded leaving the room.

* * * * *

"Hold still," I let out a cough as Abirami put more powder on my face, "There! You look amazing." I turned around looking at my face in the vintage table mirror.

"Wow," I gasped. I wore a black Indian dress. My hair was pulled back and curled. I didn't want to upset Abirami on her birthday so I had let her completely dress me up. We heard the doorbell ring.

"Party time!" Abirami squealed. She grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room. Jake stood leaning on the banister by the stairs. He looked up when he saw us coming.

"You both look amazing," Jake complimented. Abirami blushed and headed down the stairs.

"I'll be closer to Abirami tonight," I said, "You can be around in the crowd. Talk with some of the the people. We need to find-" He pressed his lips against mine.

"You talk way too much," He said pulling away.

"And you don't talk enough," I shot back. He laughed, and I walked down the stairs. Teens wearing different outfits filed in through the doors heading for the doors to the outside deck or the theater down the hall or down the stairs where there was a giant ballroom.

"Hey Abirami!" A boy with dark hair wearing a black robe with red lining walked up to me, "I've been looking everywhere for you. I want to show you something outside." He grabbed my hand and tugged me outside. Soft music played from the DJ stand on the balcony above the yard. The boy pulled me till we were out of site of the house.

"Hey um, I'm not-" He put a finger to my lips.

"I'm sorry. They paid me," He said as several dark figures advanced forward from the foliage. I clenched my teeth hard together and kicked out at the closest figure who caught my foot. He twisted it hard at the wrong angle, and I tried to scream out in pain by a cloth was wrapped around my mouth.

"So sorry princess," A bulky figure said spraying something in my face and the world blacked out.

* * * * *

(Ok I'm about to try something totally new! I'm going to do a part from Jake's point of view! EEEKKK! Here's what I came up with)

I stood on the balcony of the mansion. The DJ was blaring music next to me, and I watched the teenagers dancing below. I wanted to be down there dancing with Jade. Just me and her, but it was never like that. Always something getting in the way. I sighed watching the different colored outfits sway to the beat of the music. I didn't wear the same outfit as most of the teen boys. I stayed with my comfy worn jeans, dark tee, worn sneakers and a thin Nike jacket that matched Jade's. A quick movement through the crowd caught my eye, and I saw a glimpse of Jade's dress. A boy with dark hair tugged her along down the hill where he thought he was out of site. Not out of my line of site though. Jade tried to explain something to the boy, but he stopped her. He said something and several dark figures advanced on Jade. I didn't hesitate as I jumped over the balcony and into the crowd below. Everyone looked at me, but I took off running down the hill. I made it to the area were the terrorist were, but the sound of a helicopter came from above descending down to the ground.

"No! JADE!" I exclaimed racing to the helicopter as it started to take off. I barely caught the ladder as it left the ground. I held on tightly as it was pulled up. When I came into view of the terrorist pulling up the ladder, and he was about to say something when I punched him in the face.

"What is going- Who the heck are you?!" Another terrorist exclaimed coming into the area. I hit him hard with my foot, and he staggered toward me and out the helicopter. I watched him fall and felt the barrel of the gun being pressed into the small of my back and cursed.

"That was not a smart move boy," A husk voice said, "You must be the princess's new body guard no? Sit down." I did what he said. He still pointed the gun at me as he shut the door to the helicopter. He had a long gray beard and wore dark robes like the boy I had seen.

"What's your name?" He barked.

"William," I said not daring to give my real name, "William Stride."

"I've never heard of you, William Stride," The man huffed, "How are you a body guard for the princess at such a young age?"

"I've been trained," I said.

"Well you haven't been trained that well," He stated hitting me on the head with the butt of the gun. Shearing pain shot through my body, and I heard him laugh as everything faded to darkness.

* * * * *

(Ok back to Jade.)

I woke up to find myself tied to a pole in a ware house. I laid on the cold hard floor and my body ached for sleeping wrong. I rearranged my hands before sitting up. Several crates were stacked around the area, and a guard patrolled at the end of the stacks. I heard him shout something in a different language, and a man with a gray beard wearing robes like the boy who had brought me to this fate. He came towards me towering over me. He crouched down running a finger along by face stopping on the scar running from my eye to my jaw. He looked me in the eyes and said something I couldn't understand.

"You are no the princess," He growled.

"No duh!" I hissed. I kicked out with my feet hitting him square in the jaw. His head snapped back hard, but he recovered fast.

"You," He shouted pointing to the guard at the end of the crates, "Come grab her." The guard obeyed coming behind the pole to unlock the chains. I gave a small smile causing the old man in front of me too look confused. The chains slackened, and I knocked the man off his feet bolting down the row of crates.

"GET HER!" The man shouted. I didn't look behind me as I rounded the corned almost running into a bulky man.

"Hi," I said, and he snorted. The other guard stood behind me. Trapped? Not likely. I grabbed onto the crate next to me and jumped on top. I hopped up on the crates till I reached the top I looked down over the warehouse and spotted Jake tied to a chair in the far corner. How did he get here? No time to think about that. I looked above me at the rafters that looked like monkey bars. I jumped up grabbing on to the nearest bar. I swung myself from bar to bar till I came to the pile of crates closest to Jake. He kept struggling against the ropes restraining him to the chair.

"Psst! Jake!" I whispered. His head snapped up looking around the room. I gave a little wave, and he smiled. I slowly climbed down the crates and crept over to him.

"Do I want to know how you got here?" I asked untying him from the chair.

"Probably not," He replied. I nodded looking around the area.

"Any idea where a door is?" I said. Jake looked around and then pointed.

"There," He said, and we took off running to it. We opened it up into the cold night air. Jake pulled out his cellphone.

"Here you call," He said.

"Why?" I asked

"Cause we have company," He stated pointing to a group of angry terrorist coming towards us. Jake dashed forward as I pounded the numbers on the phone. The boss picked up after three rings.

"Darklight? What's wrong?" He said.

"It's Jade," I said, "Jake and I found the terrorist, We need re-" The phone was snatched from my hand, and I turned around to see the old man behind me.

"You thought you could get away that easily?" He laughed, "Think again." I grabbed me by the arm pinning it painfully behind my back. Jake fought hard against the last guard, and I watched as the guard fell.

"Oh boy!" The man shouted, "Look who I have!" I saw the glint of a dagger as he raised it to my neck.

"Let her go!" Jake shouted enraged.

"So you know her?" The man said running the tip of the dagger along my face, "She must be of some importance to come after her no?" He let out a laugh pressing the dagger into my cheek a bit.

"STOP!" Jake exclaimed.

"Surrender boy," He stated, "I want you to beg for mercy!" He moved the dagger down to my arm drawing more blood. Jake's eyes start to water and tears spilled over. A bright light shown down on the man suddenly.

"Give up York!" A voice shouted from the helicopter.

He huffed, "Fine, but I'm not going down alone." She drove the dagger into my side, and I screamed out of pain as he released me putting his hands above his head. Jake ran to my side slowly pulling the dagger out. I let out shaky breath trying to control my breathing. Jake wrapped his arm around me as familiar figures dropped from the sky. My head started to spin and soon I blacked out.

* * * * * *

I could feel the bright lights shining on me. I slowly opened my eyes to the white hospital room.

"Hey," Jake softly said beside me, "How you feeling?"

"Like I died and came back," I said hoarsely. He laughed, and I examined myself. My arm and side were wrapped up, and I could feel some kind of bandage on my cheek.

"Did they-?" I asked, but couldn't finish my sentence.

"Yeah," Jake said sticking a piece of hair behind my ear, "The princess and her family are safe now." I smiled closing my eyes.

"Thanks for coming after me," I said.

"You know I'd never let them take you," He stated and gentle kissed me.

* * * * *

Ok so that is the end of it. Yes I know super long! My longest yet! I would like to give thanks to my friend Sarah s. Thank you so much for the idea! I had fun with it! Hope you all enjoy! Tell me what you think!

p.s. I have no idea why everything is in doble spacing. Sorry! :)


  1. I absolutely loved it Syd! you were right it was your best one yet! I look forward to reading more of your stories!

  2. Haha thanks sarah. Fyi to anyone who reads this I didn't go over it till just now and there are a ton o f errors. I apologize for that, but when it's over the weekend and your up till midnight you really don't feel like reading over. :)