Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's late at night I'm bored and well here is just a randomness story:

I let out my breath staring down the paved road with the trees above. The leaves fell slowly in various colors landing softly on the ground. I closed my eyes gripping the strap of my bag hard. What was I doing? I already knew the answer. I didn't know. This place brought back too many hard memories. A deep laugh came from behind me and my eyes flew open. I whirled around to find the road behind me empty. I felt something behind me and my hair lifted up. I heard him breath in the fresh scent of my hair.

"Still gorgeous as ever," He breathed into my ear running his long fingers down my arm, "Where's your boyfriend? Oh, wait, that's right you don't know." He let out a laugh, and I tried to hit him, but knew it was useless.

"Where. Is. He?" I said through clenched teeth.

"Oh I don't know," He sighed lifting up my arm, "So strong." I yanked my arm back and moved away from him. I faced him, hating him. His curly blonde hair, pale green eyes, how he looked at me.

"Why don't you just give up?" He insisted.

"Because he means more to me then you ever did," I shot back at him. His expression turned hard. He snapped his fingers, and a bound boy with shaggy blonde hair appeared.

"Jake!" I exclaimed, "Let him go Xander!" Xander grabbed Jake by his hair lifting him to his feet and placing a dagger at his throat.

"How could you like him Jade? You and I had so much together. Don't you remember this place?" he pleaded

"Why do you think I hate it so much?" I hissed, "This place is horrible for me, and all your doing is making it worse." Xander huffed shoving Jake forward.

"Fine," He said, "Take your stupid boyfriend and leave." He disappeared in a swirl of smoke, and I rushed to Jake's side. I unbounded his wrists and ankles, but he still stayed motionless.

"Jake," I whispered tears blurring my vision, "Jake answer me." I closed my eyes letting tears fall silently onto his face.

"Please don't cry," He barely said. I opened my eyes to see him looking up at me.

"I thought I might loose you," I sniffed.

"You'll never loose me," He insisted pulling me toward him. He pressed his lips against mine and I lost myself on that dirt road that held so many bad memories.
* * * * *

Ok like I said totally random, but I really like it. Tell me what you think! :)

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