Monday, October 18, 2010

Disappearance (part 1)

Ok so this is just a little bit of random. Kinda need to do something to keep my mind occupied.

"A week?" I gapped plopping down on the edge of his bed.
"Yup," He sighed zipping up his bag. I put my hand on top of the bag, and he set his on top.
"Do you have to go?" I asked trying not to cry.
"You know what the boss said," he insisted, "besides I'll be back before you know it." He put a hand on my cheek and I put my hand on top of his. He kissed me, and I let the tears flow.
"Why are you crying?" He asked brushing my tears away.
"I'm afraid I'll loose you, or worse," I sniffed. He kissed me again this time longer.
"You'll never loose me," He soothed. The door opened, and a women in a pin stripped suit stepped in.
"Your car is ready, Mr. Darklight," She said leaving the room just like she had come in. I grabbed Jake's arm before he could leave. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him like I never had before. He held me, and I never wanted him to leave. I didn't go with him to see him out. I watched from is window as the car pulled away down the gravel road toward somewhere unknown.
* * * * *
I spun the bow staff above my head as I made my way through the virtual training. I ran through the halls of a run down mansion with ripped curtains, and rotting carpet that made me gag. I heard the all too familiar laugh and froze on my tracks.
"Hello Jackson," I spun around to see him standing at the end of the hall. He blonde hair curly as ever, his pale green eyes shown from the light of the fading sun. He wore a graphic tee and faded jeans. Looking so ordinary, but no one knew what was really behind all the looks.
"What do you want holler?" I growled.
"Nothing," He smirked, "Except revenge." He pointed behind me and through a pair of doors I could see Jake strapped to a chair. Blood seeped from many gashes all over his body.
"Turn it off!" I screamed and the scene disappeared. I stormed over to the exit and down the hall. Techicians moved out of the way as I made my way to the booth above the training area.
"What was that!?" I exclaimed bursting into the room startiling several techicians. A boy with short brown hair leaned back in a chair with his hands clasped smiling at me.
"It's a new proto type," he explained. I slammed him up onto the control pannel his face turning.
"I swear you do that again and I'll kill you. Instantly," I growled. He nodded, and I let him go. I left the room ramming into someone.
"Jade," The women in pin stripped suit collected the papers she had dropped.
"Here let me help," I insisted. I helped grab the last of them, and we both stood up.
"Mr. Larn needs to speak with you," She told me.
"I'll head there now," I made my way down a series of hallways and stairs till I came to the headmaster's office.
"Come in Jackson," A voice said before I could knock. I walked into the room. A fire place to my left was on and the bookshelves around it seems to invite me in. I sat down into one of the chairs in front of the headmaster's desk. He white hair looked darker, and his face was solomn.
"What happened? Is Jake ok?" I asked before he could speak.
"His car was ambushed on the freeway. We lost contact with him not long after that," He explained, "We got a transmission from a boy by the name of James an hour later." I threw my hands up in frustration and shoved the chair back and headed for the door.
"Where are you going Jackson?" He questioned. I stopped in the door way and looked back at him.
"I'm going to go save Jake," I insisted.
* * * * *
Ok I will add on to this tomorrow. It is late and I have school tomorrow. Tell me what you think!

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