Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yes two in one day. I saw a flair I wanted to write a story to. So here it is:

I stood in the cold wind on the top of the bleachers. The football game ragged on below, but I didn't care to watch. The marching band played all around me. I wasn't a part of it. Next year, but they accepted me, and I felt like I belonged. I rubbed my hands together trying to warm them up. No use. I let them fall to my side and felt someone reach a hand into mine. I looked up to see him staring into my eyes. His bright blue eyes I had come so comfortable looking into. His hand was cold like always, but I didn't let go.

Ok not that long, but still. I want this to happen with the guy I like right now! ARGH UGH UH! Ok Syd over and out.

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