Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ok so in my book Sanditron Jade and Ever's parents died in a mysterious accident and I thought I might be fun to write what happened the night they died. Here's what I got:

I was only 12. It had only been two years that I'd been in the society. Going from juggling school and the new job as leader of the Jet forces was hard enough, but that night was horrible. I remember it like a movie stuck replying in your head forever. Snow fell softly lightly touching the ground. Ever and I had just finished some training and were trudging home in the snow. Mom hadn't been there to pick us up. I got worried. She was always there to pick us up.
"It's freezing out here!" Ever grumbled shoving her hands deeper into her pockets. I let out a foggy breath.
"We're almost home," I said, "You can make it." She nodded determined not to let me down. I saw the glow of orange before we even reached the house.
"No," Ever gasped, and we took off running. We stopped in front of our house where several police man and firefighters stood trying to stop the flames. My hood fell from my head, and I felt the cold fingers of the wind whip at my ears. I tried to run toward the house, but a police man stopped me.
"Let me go!" I screamed, "My parents are in there!" It was no use. I slid to the ground sobbing. I sensed someone crouch beside me, and I looked up to see Jake. He wrapped his arms around me, and I sobbed into his chest. A paramedic came over a few minutes later.
"We couldn't find anybodies," He explained, "The fire burned everything in the house. We're sorry." I nodded as more tears started to fall.
"We better go tell Joesph," Jake said helping me to my feet. I took one look at the remains of the house before walking away into the cold, dark night.
* * * * *

Yes I know depressing! But it's what happened. It's what made Jade the person who she is in my book. She hardly trusts anyone and she isn't too nice sometimes. What do you expect from a hurt teen? Tell me what you think! :D

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