Thursday, October 21, 2010

First meeting

I have been going nuts ever since lunch today! Well considering when you find out something amazing you start to get crazy story ideas. I've decided to write how Jake and Jade met. :) Here we go:

The mall was crowded with the many black Friday shoppers. I sat with my legs crossed watching people cram into stores dying for the great deals. I took a sip of my orange juice from the Styrofoam cup I held. My dark hair was braid down my back and I wore a long black sleeve shirt with a dark green tank top on top. I wore my favorite brown vest with my favorite hidden pocket holding my dagger. A small bag sat at me feet with a stack of book inside. I didn't care for shopping, but for books.... I had to give in. I watched as a boy with shaggy blond hair and bright blue eyes passed me for the third time. I cocked an eyebrow as he disappeared into the crowd. I grabbed the bag at my feet and followed. It wasn't hard to tail the boy through the persistent shoppers. He took one look back at me, smiled, and took a sharp turn down an employees only hall.
"Where are you going?" I said under my breath. I checked behind me before ducking down the hall. He stood at the end with his arms folded.
"I suspected you'd follow," He stated.
"What do you expect when someone passes by you three times?" I retored, "What's your name?"
"Jake," He replied, "Jake Darklight."
"And I'm Luke," A voice said behind me grasping me hard around the chest. I smirked throwing him over my shoulder. He hit the ground with a whoosh as the air left his lungs. I grabbed my dagger from it's pocket and pressed it to his neck. The boy Jake started to come toward me, but a girl with flowing blond hair came in grasping a similar dagger to mine.
"Not so fast cutie," She said. Jake stepped back a bit as I let Luke up.
"Who are you?" Luke panted.
"The name's Jade," I nodded, "Jade Jackson. This is my sister Ever. We work for the Jet society. We've been watching you for the past few days."
"I told you we were being followed! But noooo! You thought I was crazy!" Luke exclaimed shoving a finger in Jake's chest. Jake rolled his eyes.

"How long have you been on your own?" Ever asked.
"Two years," Jake sighed, "Our mom and dad died in a car accident. We ran away from our foster home."
"Then you'll fit right," I said and they both smiled.
* * * * *

Ok so that's just a little bit. They're all around 12. Jade and Ever were 8 when they came into the Jet society officially. They're parents had worked for it since they were teens. I might post some other little random behind the scene stories idk. Tell me what you think. :)

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