Friday, October 15, 2010


Ok so I saw despicable me again today and one of the parts kinda made me want to write something having to do with that, but I didn't know how. So here is just some brain storming and I might have just thought of how it will work. :)

I sat on the bench in the crowded park scanning the faces of pedestrains.
"Any sign of him?" A voice spoke into my headphones.
"Nope," I sighed pretending to change the song on the ipod, "I'm going to walk around." I got up off the bench and waved into the crowd. Carnival day. One of the busiest days of the year. Jake was on the opposite end of the square watching the state football game on the big screen in the tv shop. Typically. Smells of popcorn, chicken, candy, and various others filled the air. A cold breeze blew through my hair as I moved past a group of teens.
"I hate crowds," I said to Jake making him laugh. I grew closer to his area and connected eye contact with him.
"Jade!" He exclaimed as someone grabbed my from behind. A cloth went around my mouth and a foul smell entired my nose causing my body to go numb.
"Hello Jackson," A voice said into my ear.
"Xander," My voice came out slured. I felt a sharp point in my back and watched as Jake rushed toward us.
"Not so fast pretty boy," He warned, "One move and this knife goes through her side." Jake's face turned to worry. People had stopped watching the scene unfold. Great. The effects of the cloth were starting to wear off, but Xander kept a tight grip on me and the knife bit hard into my side. I winced unable to do anything.
"What do you want Xander?" Jake growled.
"You know what I want," Xander hissed, "I want you people to stop following me."
"Then maybe you shouldn't have done what you did," I said my voice normal.
"Shut up!" He barked the knife digging into my side. I bit my lip trying not to scream.
"Let. Her. GO!" Jake exclaimed pulling out his pistol.
"I don't think so," He grinned shoving the knife in all the way and I screamed, "You were warned." He released me and took off. My knees buckled under me, and I grasped my side. Jake ran to my side.
"Everyone's watching," I breathed hard into Jake's ear.
"We got to play it off," He insisted, "Can you get up?"
"I have to," I said. I took a shaky breath rising to my feet.

"And that concludes tonights performance! Thanks for watching folks!" Jake announced playing the lie smoothly. The crowd applauded, and we bowed. We left before anyone could come up to us.
"Can you make it to the road?" Jake asked holding onto me.
"I don't-" I trailed off as my vision blurred, and I passed out.

Ok not how I planned it to go, but it worked. :) Tell me what you think and if you want me to continue. I might add some more onto it. ;)

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