Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dissaperance (part 3)

OK so this is continuing from my last post. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for it, but I got it walking home from walmart. :)

I woke to the jolt of movement and banged my head against something hard. I groaned lifting my hand to my head and instantly wished I was dead. My hair was done in a thousand ringlets of curls and I wore a long flowing red dress with a sequence of gems at an angle. I sat up on the seat of a car. The windows were too tinted to see anything, but I could tell by the movement I was in a car. The car screeched to a halt, and I grasped the side for reassurance. The door opened and light streamed in. I was in the back of a limo and outside I could hear the traffic of down town New york. A chauffeur stood with the door open, but I didn't go near it.
"Do what I say or you'll never see your precious Jake again," A voice spoke into my ear, and I felt the tinny speaker. I growled stepping out of the car. A red carpet lead from the car up to the front door of an elegant hotel. Swarms of photographers stood by the sides of the carpet held back by police guards. I stumbled as I walked down the carpet in high heels. I was going to kill James. I took one look over my shoulder catching the eye of a familiar photographer aiming his camera straight at me, before I disappeared into the hotel.
The main lobby was decorated with elegant furniture and a giant chandelier in the middle. People filed toward a pair of double doors leading into a grand ballroom. I spotted James standing by the door in a soft gray tux. He smirked when he saw me and held out he arm. I took a deep breath and slid my arm through. I pushed down the chills going up and down my spine as we made our way into the ballroom. Soft classical music played from a band set up by floor to ceiling windows. A balcony surrounded the area and people miled around on top.
"Ah, Mr. Holler we've been expecting you," I looked up to see a man with white hair wearing a plain white tux that if you starred at it too long you'd go blind, "Who is this fine young lady?" He took my hand kissed it. I keep my face cold and hard holding back the urge to slap him.
"This would be Jade Jackson," James stated. The man's face turned white as he stared from me to James.
"James-" The man said.
"No worries sir," James reassured, "She can't do any harm. I have something... close to her." He wrapped his arm around my waist, and I caught a sudden movement from the balcony above.
"No harm?" I smirked. James and the man looked at me with confused looks. I shoved James hard to the side, and a dark suited figure yanked me up onto the balcony.
"Jackson!" James shouted, "Did you forget our deal?"
"The deals off James," Jake leaned over the balcony still holding tight to my waist, "You should consider hiring new guards." We rose up out of the ballroom toward a helicopter.
"Nice disguises back there," I said as we got into the helicopter.
"It wasn't that hard," He said, "Your the one that was hard to find." He pulled me toward him and kissed me wrapping his finger in my curls.
"Woah! Trying to fly here!" A male voice shouted from the front.
"Then don't watch Luke!" Jake shot back, and he laughed as we flew over the bright lights of New York City.
* * * * *

Ok so I really like this one, but I would like to hear what you think. Leave me a comment. :) THANKS! :D

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