Sunday, October 10, 2010


I found myself trapped among the thousands of people milling around the area. My eyes swept the area, searching.
"You seem out of it today," Jake said whispering into my ear. I leaned against the chain link fence at the top of the stadium. His hand wrapped in mine warming my frozen fingers.
"I'm always out of it," I reminded him. He smiled watching the football team on the field below. Dark clouds loomed over head, and the pep band played around us. I lifted my head to the sky and felt a rain drop splash against my cheek. The soft smell of rain blew with the wind, and it started to pour. I felt the cold water seep through my clothes letting my worries wash away with it.
"Jade," Jake softly said. I turned to him as he pulled me close. He kissed me and I felt his wet hair against my forehead. His warm lips pressing against mine. A kiss in the rain.
"Touch down! Knights win!" The crowd erupted in cheers, but I heard nothing losing myself in his arms.

Ok totally random off the top of my head really didn't know what to do and wanted to write something. Tell me what you think! :D

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