Friday, October 29, 2010

New creature

I have officially come up with a new creatures. A charker. It is most of the time a girl who in it's true form looks drop dead gorgeous, but they're voice can either paralyze, Control, or Change your mind. Here's my story for it:

"You don't like him. You never did," her voice was like icy fingers running down my back. I kept my face emotionless as she circled me.

"You can't resist me for long," She hissed right in my ear, "You'll have to give in. He already listens to me."

"Charker," I said a puff of fog leaving my mouth.

"You know my kind," She purred, "Then you know you cannot resist me."

"Who says that? You?" I shot back. She flinched and floated in front of me. To any boy she would have been beautiful. To me she meant nothing. Her reddish blond hair had faded to light blue and now floated around her head like a halo. Her clothes were now an elegant white dress, and her skin was a pale blue that seemed to glow. She placed a clawed finger under my chin lifting it up so I was forced to look into her eyes.

"You strong Jackson," She complimented, "But he's not." She pointed over to Jake where he stood starring at us. "Come here boy." Jake complied coming over to us.

"Yes my queen," He said bowing before her. I felt hatred flare inside me.

"Let him go," I growled.

She laughed, "I never made him stay dear. He just couldn't resist me." She gave me a crude smile that faded quickly. She stared down at where my sword stuck out and blue blood started to trickle down her white dress.

"By order of the Jet forces, Your discharged," I commanded, and she disappeared in a puff of blue smoke. I heard Jake groan and fall to the ground. I ran to his side as he started to come through.

"Ugh I feel like crap," He moaned, "What happened? I saw this beautiful girl..... Aw Crap! She did not!"

I laughed, "Calm down. It's not that easy. I almost gave in."

"I'm glad you didn't," He said kissing me, "Your more beautiful than her." I blushed I slugged him in the arm. He grinned, and we both laughed as snow slowly started to fall.
* * * * *

Ok I had no idea how to end that so that was the best I could do. Tell me what you think!

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