Sunday, October 3, 2010


Ok first a little background behind this story. I couldn't sleep and it was around 2 in the morning and I had a flash of my character being bond and thrown into an elevator. It took me a few days to decide how to work it out. Hope you enjoy. ;)

"Argh!" I grunted throwing someone over my shoulder. I breathed hard as someone from above clapped. i grinned looking up at Jake. He jumped down from the observation deck and landed a few feet away.
"My turn," He stated taking a fighting stance. I wiped my brow and closed my eyes. When I opened them he stood in front of me.
"Don't hold back," He whispered into my ear.
I leaned close to him almost about to kiss him, "Never." I pinned him to the ground before he could blink.
"Jackson! Darklight! My office. NOW!" A man bellowed from the observation deck. I let Jake up, and we made our way o the exit.
"Something must be wrong," I said, "He hasn't been this mad siince-" I trailed off picking up my pace.
I burst into Joseph's office, "Where?"
"Tonight at a formal convention at a hotel in the city." He explained, "How did you know?"
"Your never that mad unless it's them," I replied, "What's our plan?"
"You and Jake will go in undercover," He explained, "Find out what their motives are. You'll have to go do a bit of shopping for a tux and dress. We'll supply wigs, contacts, and some disquesed weapons. Get moving." I turned and left with Jake trailing behind me.
"I'm so lost," I spit out.
I laughed, "I thought so. Raja and Violet are going to be at a convention. We need to find out why they're there."
"Okay," He said, "now I got it." I held up a wad of cash.
"Up for some shopping?" I questioned.
"Watching you try on dresses? Can I grab my camera?" He joked. I slugged him in the arm, and we raced down the hall.

* * * * *

"Would you like to dance?" I hared Jake ask a blond in a fluffy pink dress. She giggled taking his hand. I gagged leaning against the balcony rail. Below was a giant foyer filled with people. Everyone was dressed in formal wear. Jake's hair was temporarily dyed black, and he wore a nice pure black tux with a dark forest green tie. He didn't look at all like himself, but who was I to talk. My dark brown hair was concealed under a curly red wig with the sides pinned back. I wore a black dress with tulu and small jewels on the skirt area and the chest and tie around my neck leaving the middle area plain silk. I felt completely different, but that was how it was suppose to be. I watched Jake twirl the blond around the dance floor passing a couple. The girl took a look at Jake over her partners shoulder.
"Violet's a few feet from you," I growled into my comm unit.
"I saw," Jake replied. I could see him glance up to where I stood.
"Jade!" He suddenly exclaimed. I felt someone grab me from behind and drag me away from the balcony edge. They quickly bond my hands and moved toward the elevator. The doors dinged open, and I was shoved hard to the ground of the elevator. Raja stepped in and pressed the first level button.
"Bravo Jackson. Your disguise is amazing, sadly, you missed the scar," He traced the scar on the side of my face. The door dinged and Violet stepped in with Jake. I slammed my feet into Raja's chest causing him and Violet to tumble out of the elevator. I hit a floor button and the doors closed.
"What's the plan?" Jake asked untying my hands.
"Get out of here?" I suggested, "Any idea why they were here?"
"Yeah," He said, "When I was dancing with the blond girl she kept rambling about her father showing a new battle armor he designed. It can withstand any degree of fire."
"They think it can deflect sunergy!" I exclaimed yanking out my phone, "I need the Jet forces to the grand plaza hotel! NOW!"
"Be there in five!" Ever replied. The doors of the elevator opened onto the third floor. I dashed over to the balcony over looking the convention. The blonde's dad stood on a stage a the entrance of the hotel.
"Welcome my friends," his voice boomed over the sound system, "I am proud to introduce..... The Fire 13!" The crowd erupted in cheers as some technicians brought out a transparent suit that looked like a jogging suit.
"Where are they?" Jake asked anxiously. I scanned the crowd and caught the glint of something towards the front.
"There!" I exclaimed pointing to where I saw the glint. "Raja has a dagger!" I pulled out a stick from my boots and snapped my boy to full size. I grabbed an arrow from my other boot, aimed and fired. Someone in the crowd screamed as Raja fell to the ground the arrow lodged in his shoulder. The dagger skidded from his hand, and the crowd started to mumble. I shoved my bow back into my boot before someone noticed. Two familiar cops came in and dragged Raja away.
"Exciting night I take it?" Ever asked standing next to me.
"You have no idea," I grinned.

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