Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New idea

Ok this is an idea I'm kinda playing around with and I'm just going to do the prologue and first chapter/part of it. Hope you'll like it:

"No! You can't do this!" My mother screamed struggling against the soldiers. I stood against the far wall of our front froom nest to my twin brother. My feet were cold on the bare wood floor, and I held tight to my teddy bear in my arms. Soldiers towered above me trying to block my view of the scene unfolding.

"This is wrong!" My father exclaimed, "You can't do this! They're only children!"

"Children, Mr. Jacobson, are dangerous," A tall man walked into the room starring over at us, "They are the future rulers of the world. They need to be taught discipline." He stalked over to where I was, the guards parting for him. He knelt down in front of me and looked into my eyes. He took one look at my parents and slapped me hard across the face. My brother dove at the man punching him repeatedly in the face. Several guards pulle dhim off pinning him to the wall. I watched not understanding, my emotions completely voidless.

"Take them away!" The tall man commanded, "Except her." He pointed at me.

A small voice unseen whispered into my ear, "You hate this man, and you always will." I glared up at the man knowing it was true. My parents screamed as they were dragged out the front door. The guards started to drag my brother out, but I grasped tight to his hand. The guards groanded and detatched my hand.

"Josh!" I cried out stumbling after him. A wall of guards blocked me, and I fell to my knees crying. The tall man stood in front of me.

"You belong to me now."

10 Years later....

"Slave! Slave! Argh! Where is that child!" The woman paced the library infuriated. I hated her just as much as her husband. I took a deep breath walking around the corner into the library.

"You ran madame?" I resisted clenching my teeth together.

"Could you please explain to me about this mess? I thought I told you to clean this up!" She said gesturing to the library. The only area that was a mess was the window seat.

"I'll get right on that ma'am," I said.

"Betta," She huffed stomping out of the room. I smiled a half smile closing hte door to the library. I moved over to the window seat and examined my collection of books. I sighed putting the books onto the shelf I had claimed as books I had already finished reading. My mother had taught me how to read a bit before the new government was passed. It was my only escape from the horrible work of eveyrthing. I dropped a book as a scream sounded from somewhere in the mansion. The door to the library flew open as I put the last book in my hand onto the shelf.
"YOU!" A girl with wild hot pink hair stood in the door way.
I sighed, "Yes Sophie?" She stomped across the room and slapped me hard in the face.
"How dare you!" She screamed in my face.
"Have I done something wrong?' I questioned. She slapped me again across the other cheek.
"Sophie!" An older boy burst into the room panting hard, "Leave her alone!"
"She did it though!" Sophie cried, "I know she did Ander!" She brought up her hand to strike me again, but Ander caught it.
"No," He said sternly, "I did." Sophie wheeled on him in horror. I felt like I was watching an old soap opera.
"Why?" She asked barely audible.
"Mom and Dad both agreed you were not ready to handle your own slave. Dad pu thim to work in the vineyard."
"That's so unfair!" Sophie screeched.
"I don't have my own yet Sophie."
"You get two next week!"
"True," He said, "But remember that you just got out of treatment. It's been two years for me. Your still a bit untable." She sighed leaving the room.
"Are you ok?" Ander asked me. I glared returning to cleaning up my spot.
"I understand if you hate me," He sighed. I huffed. He moved closer to me. I sensed him reach a hand toward me, and I shot away from him.
"Don't. Touch. Me." I growled.
He gave and evil smile, "I own you slave. As of tomorrow you'll belone to me along with another slave my parents bought." He got closer to me with each word he spoke.
"No," I gasped.
"Yes," He whispered into my ear standing right next to me. He stepped behind me running a single finger up my bare arm. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and a shiver ran down my spine. He twirled a piece of hair from my pony tail. I let out a shaky breath feeling completely defenceless.
"Are you scared, Jacqueline?" He breathed into my ear. I wante dto reply, I wanted to scream, but I did the only thing I could do. I spun around and spit right in his face. I dashed out of the room and down the hall. He didn't follow me, which scared me when I hear his low laugh echo from the library. I made my way out the back door toward the run down old house that served as the slaves' home. There were fifteen of us on the estate. Soon to be sixteen. Sixteen. The word was a dread to all kid slaves. The day of your sixteenth started the six months of "Treatment" or in my terms Brainwashing. It was late March on the estate. Things were starting to thaw out from the long winter. You could hear the workers in the blooming vineyard working to keep it green. A cool breeze blew through the air as I burst into the house and tumbled onto my bunk. 20 das till I turned sixteen. All I could do was fear. I buried my head in my pillow and let out a long scream till my throat ached. I felt a small hand press against my cheek.
"Jacq? Are you ok?" A small innocent voice asked. I glanced up to see a small girl with strawberry blong hair pulled back into two braids that needed to be redone. The youngest of the slave, only eight. So young.
"Yeah Tally," I coughed, "I'm okay." She gave a bright smile and started to tug my sleeve.
"Come on," She insisted, "We have to go meet the new boy." So it's a boy, I thought. We made our way to the yard where a group of kids had gathered. The sound of a car engine came from down the road and soon a government van pulled up. Three guards stepped out of the van. One man you could tell was the cheif officer.
"Who's the oldest?" He asked. I dropped Tally's hand and stepped forward.
"I expect you will train this boy and tell him the rules?" He insisted and I nodded, "Good slave. Bring him out boys!" I heard a howl from the back fo the van, and one of the guards flew through the air. The new comer jumped out of the van. His bright red hair like a flame matched his anger. His bright green eyes burned with hate. He took one look at us and took off running. I darted after him and tackled him to the gorund. I pinned his arms on his bakc and pressed him hard into the dirt.
"Who the heck are you?" He hissed.
"Nothing more then a slave yourself, Josh," I said recieving a raised eyebrow, "Your not escaping. You should know better by now by how many scars you have on your back. Don't try to run. There's no escape ever." The guards came up to where we were.
"That was mighty fast," The cheif puffed, "The General has a loyal slave on his hands." I rolled my eyes. So dim witted.

"I'll take care of him sir," I replied, "I know how busy you are and everything."
"Well thank you," The chief grinned, "Let's head out boys." I waited till the government car disappeared down the road.
"Who are you and how do you know so much about me?" Josh asked.
I gave a small smile letting him up, "You and I my friend are far more closer than you imagine, and I've seen what happens to slaves who run away." He looked me up and down resting his gaze on my face.
"You look familiar I'll admit that," He said, "But I don't know you."
"The name's Jacq," I sighed giving up, "Jacqueline. I was seperated from my parents and brother when I was five. I have a photographic memory. Oh last think, I'm boss. You run away I get punished too. Don't break the rules or I'll kill you before they do." I jabbed a finger into his chest turned around and started to walk away.
"Jacqueline?" He asked.
"Yes?" I replied looking back at him.
"Your eyes," He stated.
"What about them?"
"Nothing. Never mind."
"You'll be in the vineyard. Meet Massen at 12 am. If you can't tell time then learn." I left him standing in the yard not knowing quite what to do.
* * * * *

There you go. That's my story or well part of it. Hope you liked it. Syd over and out.

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