Sunday, March 13, 2011

Revenge (part two)

Hours, Minutes, Seconds, with each passing one my wrists ached more. The girl paced below me glaring up at me from time to time.
"What? Plan not working out?" I shouted down at her. I felt the hook suddenly jerk and slack as I fell several feet and was yanked to a stop before slamming into the ground. She grabbed my chin pulling it close to her.
"You will repay for what you did," She insisted.
"Repay? For what? Finally telling you to tell the truth?! Your ridiculous Isabelle," I spit in her face. She smacked me hard across the face her anger boiling.

"Fine," She said, "Time to send a message." She yanked me from the hook and dragged me over onto one of the assembly lines. She latched metal clasps onto my already bound wrists and ankles.
"Just so you don't roll off," She said, "Do you know what this factory used to make?"

"No," I growled struggling against the restraints.
"Neither do I," She insisted, "But I've modified it so it does other stuff." She walked over to the wall pressing a switch bringing the whole area to life. The assembly line start to move, and I looked up to see down the path see a saw in the middle of it all.
"Wow, Old much?" I mocked as I kept moving closer toward the saw.
"Scream Jackson, Scream for him," She laughed.

"No," I said through clenched teeth trying to get out of the clasps. The saw started to get closer, and I felt myself start to panic. Where was he?
"Jake," I barely said, "JAKE!" I heard Isabelle laugh and I felt the saw starting to brush and shred my shoes. The sound of machinery dying caused me to look forward and see Jake having shoved a metal pole into the assembly line and saw.
"Darklight," Isabelle hissed.
"If you wanted me to come so badly you could have just called," Jake sighed unclasping me and unbinding me, "I'm so sorry I'm late."
"Don't do that again ok?" I said as he held me close.
"I promise," He said brushing a stray piece of my hair. Something flew towards us hitting me in the side. I swore looking down at the small throwing knife. I glared up hard at Isabelle.
"I will not loose!" She screamed, "You will forever regret not trusting me Jackson." She turned around running from the building. Jake held onto me as my knees buckled.
"Easy," He insisted.
"What is up with people and stabbing me with knifes?" I laughed trying to lighten the mood.
Jake tried to laugh while his eyes started to tear, "I don't know, but you promise you won't die on me?"
"I promise," I said as he kissed me, and I blacked out.
* * * * *