Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Silence. The whole area was silent. I leaned in the chair in the far corner of the room as the girl with flowing blond hair paced the room.
"Would you quit doing that it's annoying," I huffed running a worried hand through my long dark brown hair.
"Where is he though?" She insisted continuing to pace. I sighed letting the legs of the chair touch the ground and walked toward her.
"Ever," I said grasping her shoulders to stop her from pacing. We stood at the same height starring into each other's eyes.
"You're right," She sighed, "I'm sorry." She sat down on the couch as the door suddenly opened. A boy with shaggy blond hair walked in wearing jeans and a casual white sweater.
"Sam!" Ever exclaimed rushing over to his waiting arms. A boy followed him in shutting the door behind him. His fedora hat was pulled close over his curly brown hair and his deep eyes shone bright. He wore dark clothes like always.
"You're ever that late again, and I'll have to kill you," I insisted.
He laughed, "I don't doubt that you would, Adrain." My name seemed foreign on his lips, and I shook my head.
"Aiden," I said, "You weren't followed right?"
"I don't know," He stated Moving toward the only window in the room. He peered out into the dark city below. I looked around him seeing the only light in the city coming from the tall building in the middle of the whole place.
"I should get him out of here," Aiden said moving away and back into the room. I nodded sadly, and he stopped looking at me.
"This wasn't just for her was it?" He questioned his eyes filled with concern.
"Yeah," I said, "It wasn't." He grabbed me by the waist pulling me close to him and kissed me. I closed my eyes only feeling his soft lips against mine. Loud voices came from down the hall, and we quickly broke away. Aiden swore under his breath as the door was blow from it's hinges. Dust filled the room blurring my vision.
"NO!" I heard Ever scream from somewhere off to my right.
"EVER!" I shouted trying to make my way toward her. Something hit me hard in the stomach sending me tumbling to the ground.
"Pathetic little protector," A husk voice growled. I starred up at a man with a stubble beard and mostly shaved head.
"General," I grunted.
"Still weak as ever?" He asked. I lashed out with my foot, and he caught it in mid kick.
"Forget who trained you Adrain?" He twisted his wrists snapping my ankle to a wrong angle. I gasped in surprise as he release it. I fell to the ground unable to move.
"Better luck next time?" He laughed turning around and disappearing.
"ADRAIN!" I could hear Ever's scream fading farther away.
"No," I panted the blackness of pain enveloping me into nothingness.
* * * * *

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