Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Small story clips.

I'm bored beyond bored out of my mind and well I have been thinking on this idea for a while and It sounds good. Just writing a bunch of intros or little scenes I have and just coming back later to them. Here's what I got:

I sat atop of the roof top starring down at the passing people. I hated them. Every single one of them. It didn't matter if they did nothing. I hated them. I clenched and un clenched my fists at my side feeling more frustrated starring at them. Those stupid humans. I was disgusted to be one myself. To know that I belonged to this race. I couldn't stand it.
* * * * * *

The rain softly feel as I stood underneath the over hanging school roof.
"Come on!" He insisted. I sighed starring up at his now soaked blond hair. His blue eyes shining brightly.
"It's pouring out there though!" I shouted back to him.
"If you don't come out here I'll come get you," He insisted.
"You wouldn't!" I gasped as he ran toward me. I only had time to drop my stuff before he grabbed me by the waist and dragged me out into the rain.
* * * * *

I sat in the tree my cloak pulled tightly around me, and my bow armed and ready. The Moon shone high above and every sound from bellow seemed amplified. I heard the snap of a branch, and my gaze landed on the hooded figure bellow. I pulled my bow string back aiming carefully and firing.
* * * * *

I weaved in and out of the crowd trying not to leave any gaps. My coat caught a bit of wind blowing behind me making the setting more real. This couldn't be happening, I thought, not now. I starred to the side in a shop window seeing the man still on my tail. My life dream had just become a living nightmare.
* * * * *

I ran hard jumping from roof to roof. The sun beat down hard burning the back of my neck.
"Don't let him excape!" The guards shouted, but I didn't dare look back.
* * * *

I felt the shivers run up my spin before she even got close.
"Touch me and I'll kill you," I hissed. I turned around to see her. Charker, Mintroler, Snat. I dispised her. Her orange blond hair wavy, and she wore a dark brown shirt.
She laughed, "Why so anxious Jade? I'm not going to hurt you." Her voice was like ice down my back.
"Liar," I said my breath coming out in a puff of fog, "Your nothing but a charker. I'll never trust you."
"You will," She purred, "One way, or another."
* * * * *

The moon shined high above sending an eerie light on the mountain. He grasped me hard by my neck pressing me up against a tree.
"Why don't you quit!" He shouted in my face.
"Because I don't give in that easily to people like you," I spit in his face.
* * * * *

I stood on the top of the sky scraper looking over at the far drop below. The wind whipped hard trying to throw me down. The sword he pointed at me dug deeper into my back pushing me farther off the edge.
"Fly," He insisted.
* * * * *

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