Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Notebook story

So I haven't posted forever, and I was flipping through an old notebook and came upon an unfinished short story, here's what it is:

I stood by the window starring out at the night live city. The metal shackle around my ankle was cold and uncomfortable. I let out a deep breath seeing my breath fog in front of me. The metal door behind me creaked open, and I didn't even turn around to look at him.
"No even going to say hi?" He asked standing behind me. I could feel his heat radiating off him.
"Are you cold yet?" He purred into my ear, "Just say it, and I'll warm you up." I breathed out a small puff of fire and heard him curse.
"I'm stronger than you think," I stated, "You can't break me."
"So sure about that?" He insisted.
"I'd rather freeze then give in to you. I'm pretty sure," I said.
He grunted, "Fine. Stay in here for all I care." He turned around and walked back out the door taking the warmth with him.
* * * * *

Just a little random thing. Might write another depending on what I find. :)

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