Thursday, July 28, 2011


I felt the rope bitting hard into my flesh everytime I moved. My wrists were bleeding and raw.
"Oh come now Jade," The voice inside my head hissed, "Just do it. It'll only be one time."
"No!" I screamed my body starting to shake. Why was it so hard to resist against it. I felt the ice cold feeling as his fingers touched my arms. I shivered closing my eyes.
"Look at me," He comanded, and I couldn't help but look up at the dark figure before me, "Why do you make it so hard?"
"Because Willow knows I'm stronger," I snarled.
He shook his head, "You are a foolish girl. Join us agian."
"Never," I growled.
"Do we have to kill you again?" He asked, and I felt the cold metal of a knife at my throat.
I laughed, "Like you haven't so many times before." I could sense him glarring at me as he walked around my confined space.
"You think you can win this war?" He questioned.
"I know We'll win this war," I stated feeling the knife scrap my cheek. I grunted blood seeping from it.
"Just give up!" He shouted.
"NEVER!" I shouted back.

"Fine," He huffed, and I felt intense pain wave over me before I passed out.

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